Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Vacation at Home

Before my mom left on Wednesday, I spent a little time with her while she fixed her hair and make-up. She told me that I was her very special little girl and that she knew I would have a great time with the sitter.

This is my favorite morning place to spend with my mom.

While she was gone I spent some time in my favorite nap place. I really liked the cat sitter. Turns out her name was Robyn not Robin. It's pronounced the same so maybe Hope would have been confused either way.

Hope had such fun playing! The arm in the picture is Robyn's little sister. She was so so fun and knew just how to get Hope to play!

Hope had so much fun playing that she asked mom if she could go away again sometime soon so Robyn could come back and be our cat sitter and bring her sister sometimes to play with us too!

When mom got home, she said she was too tired to unpack and that she would unpack "tomorrow". Well, Tommy was taking no chances and just in case mom thought she might go on another trip he decided to sleep on her suitcase all night to make sure she didn't go anywhere without him! He really liked our sitter but he likes mom best.

Hope all of you cats and people have a wonderful week to come!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hide and Seek

Hi! This is Hope. It's been an interesting week. We each got new collars made of hemp with gold colored name tags with our name and phone number. I have never had a collar before.

Then, a couple of days ago Aunt A came over and held me so mom could do a pedicure/manicure. She also held Tommy and Shilgiah. Aunt A is a very nice cat holder and she has a reassuring voice. Mom did the clipping.

Another time, Mom was talking on the phone with someone and I overheard her say that she thought that Robin was going to work out well taking care of us. I got all excited and told Tommy and Shilgiah that the bird family from outside was coming into our house! You know what they did?! They laughed at me and said that Robin was the nice lady who came to visit and play with us recently and that she was coming to stay for a few days while mom was away. Well, I liked that Robin...but I think it would have been fun to have that whole Robin family from outside come and visit.

Anyway, mom has written down all of our favorite hiding places and other things for our cat sitter to know about us. So, today we decided to play hide and seek with each other. I found Shilgiah in all the places she hid and She found Tommy in all the places he hid but both of them couldn't find me in one place I hid...because I am very clever...can you see me?

Nope, You will never find me....Heeheeheeheehee *giggle...giggle*

Oops, I must have giggled a bit too loudly. You found me!

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hope Plays Without Hissing

I can hardly believe it! This morning Hope decided to let me play a game of "Boo" and then we both played "Chase the Green Spongy Golf Ball"!!

Hope didn't see me at first so I sneaked over and pounced out in front of her next to the green golf ball. Then she chased me down the hall. Then she batted the golf ball in my direction. All this and no hissing from anyone!

May you all have a wonderful fun filled week!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Balcony is Closing Soon!!!

A little more than a week ago we got a note on our door from our apartment management that said they will be painting the complex. In the process, they will be taking the screening off of all patios and balconies. The management also said the owners would not allow screened in balconies anymore! Now, we cats wouldn't really mind. There would be more buggies and flies coming in to say hi...and without the screen, the birds who build their nest under the eaves just outside the screen would be able to take a rest on our balcony.

We live on the third floor and mom says she worries that we would get all excited about some bird and hop up on the railing of the balcony trying to catch it and then she would have a heart attack because we could fall off!! So, until she can think of a way enclose the balcony that will be acceptable to the management, we won't be allowed out there. At this moment, our screening is still on and the painters who will be taking off the screening seem to be going rather slowly. Mom says she suspects it will be taken down sometime this coming week.

A couple of weeks ago we were all three on the balcony enjoying the afternoon sun and breezes. You can't see much of Tommy except his white foot with the black pads.

The management said everyone with things on their patios/balconies should take it inside. Hope is sitting on the green runner rug that was outside with the plants to the right.

Now mom has put a beach towel outside so we can lay on it in the morning before she goes to work and the evening when she gets home. Well, we are pretty sure no one will come by today and take away our screen. So, that means tomorrow morning early thirty we will be able to go out there and enjoy the birdies waking up.

We are all sad about the balcony closing but mom will figure out a way for us to safely get our balcony privileges back.

Hope your week is a happy one!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mancat Monday

Hi, Tommy here. It's about time I got a chance to say a word or two. I'm kind of liking being the mancat of the house. Now that Hope is much more civilized, I don't have to be as vigilant as to her whereabouts or whether she will walk around the corner and hiss at me or whap me in the face.

Napping near the kitty grass is so nice when you don't have to worry about cranky sisters. Ahh, I feel so relaxed...ZZZZzzzzzzzz.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!