Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, right after breakfast Friday morning mom opened the balcony to let us sniff the cool morning air. This is a pretty normal thing and not the exciting thing that happened.

The birds were chirping and Tommy and I watched as someone took their woofie for an early morning stroll. Hope isn't much of a balcony sitter so she was just watching from the study while mom was on the computer checking her e-mail.

Then a moth came zooming in toward the lamp next to the computer and all three of us were up on the desk knocking things over and tripping over each other trying to get to it. Then it flew into the living room with us in hot pursuit. Hope caught it and mom said "Spit that moth out!" but it was too late. Good going little sis!

Have a great week everybody! Shhh...don't tell anyone but there is another moth and maybe two hiding inside. Can't wait till we can chase them around.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung...finally!

Tommy, Hope and I are so happy that it's springtime. We really like the cool mornings and warmer afternoons.

This is our eastern view from our front window.

Tommy loves watching neighbor's woofies when they walk by down below on the sidewalk.

Hope likes to watch the birdies land in the swaying branches of the funky tree right outside the front window. In this picture you can't see any birds but if you look carefully, you can see the nose smudge marks on the window. We have each contributed several nose marks each. (Hint: Mom it's time to get the glass cleaner out).

I prefer the the western view from the balcony where I can let my beautiful floofy tummy get all nice and warm in the afternoon sun.

May you all have a good week to come!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Purrs and Kitty Kisses

Happy Mother's day to all the human moms of the cats in the blogosphere!

I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day! Oh, and Tommy and Hope love you too but I was your first so I get to be the spokes-princess...besides this is my blog after all.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What the...?

Yesterday it was so cold that off and on it snowed! Today it rained and then it sunshined and then it thundered and then it snowed!?!?
I am very confused. When mom got up this morning she said she hoped it had snowed this much...

but it didn't really snow this much. This is what our picnic area looked like in winter a couple years ago.

P.S. Mom finally got done with the excessive amount of work and promptly got sick. Friday, I looked out the window and saw mom's car driving in mid-day, only someone else was driving and mom got out the other side. Then another car came and mom and the two ladies walked to our place. One of the ladies loves cats and told us she has cats of her own and that we should take good care of mom until she gets better. Mom got really sick all of a sudden at work and the ladies said it was probably "flu". The ladies left but before mom went to bed for about 36 hours, she fixed us fancy feast and filled kibble in our bowls and made sure we had lots of water. We took turns purring in her ear and sending healing thoughts.

Today mom feels much better. I think our purring really helped.

Hope you all have a wonderful week to come.