Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung...finally!

Tommy, Hope and I are so happy that it's springtime. We really like the cool mornings and warmer afternoons.

This is our eastern view from our front window.

Tommy loves watching neighbor's woofies when they walk by down below on the sidewalk.

Hope likes to watch the birdies land in the swaying branches of the funky tree right outside the front window. In this picture you can't see any birds but if you look carefully, you can see the nose smudge marks on the window. We have each contributed several nose marks each. (Hint: Mom it's time to get the glass cleaner out).

I prefer the the western view from the balcony where I can let my beautiful floofy tummy get all nice and warm in the afternoon sun.

May you all have a good week to come!


William said...

Fresh air and sunshone! You have it made, Shilgiah!

William said...

Well, of course I meant sunshine!

meemsnyc said...

Love love the photo of you on the balcony! So cute!

Audrey said...

Shilgiah, I love how you are showing off your tummy. I do the same thing!

Happy spring!

Parker said...


jenianddean said...

Those are some great views, and some great sunshine, too! I bet the dogs and birds are fun to watch too.

Daisy said...

You has a pretty view!

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

Spring has sprung here too! Aren't balconies for sunning great? It's so great, I'll even share with the Red Meniss! Enjoy the sun!