Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Balcony is Open!

Ahhh! The sweet smell of night! As of Sunday our balcony is now officially open. See the new sun shade? Aunt A, our favorite aunt in the whole world, came over Sunday morning and spent a long time making sure our shade was safe for us and that we wouldn't be able to jump up and fall down three stories. You are the best Aunt A!!

This is a picture of the first evening in a long long time that we got to go out and say goodnight to the moon and stars and smell the nice nighttime smells.

Earlier in the day, this was taken from inside looking out toward the balcony. I think mom should just leave the door open all the time but she says sometimes it's too hot and sometimes it's too cold to leave it open all the time. Sheesh...we've waited long enough! It should be our call, don't you think?

This was midday Sunday. Right after Aunt A finished making our balcony cat safe. Oh, we are just so so so so happy!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Six is Awesome!

My birthday on the 17th was awesome! I got a feathery bird.

And I licked and licked the feathers till they were all soggy.

I got a sack full of fun things and my favorite Mac-n-Jack with a candle in it and mom sang to me. Then I shared my Mac-n-Jack with my sisters.

In the sack full of fun things was the funnest thing of all...blue tissue paper! Mmmm...I love how it crinkles and tears up so well.

Here is the sack full of fun things and the feather birdie before I made the bird soggy and before I tore into the sack.

And last but not least mom bought me a big bunch of fresh cat nip! Mmmmmm! Nip makes me happy.

Now, a neighbor also gave me a really nice shade that pulls up and down to put on the balcony and it will look beautiful there. Aunt A is gonna come over sometime this next weekend and help mom put it up because mom is hopelessly stupid when it comes to fix-it and build it stuff. All we have to do is put four or five hooks to hold the shade up and voila I will get my balcony back!!

And whether or not you are Jewish like mom, we want to wish you...L'Shanah Tovah...May you have a good and sweet New Year...Happy 5770!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi Tommy here. I am almost six years old! This Thursday is my birthday. Well, actually it's my gotcha day but since we really don't know my real birthday we celebrate it on my gotcha day.

A couple of days ago on Friday, mom took the day off and I thought it was so she could play and nap with us. Mid-morning she gave Shilgiah and Hope a special treat in the bedroom and closed the door. I thought that was pretty unfair but then what happened next was even more unfair. I haven't had reason to get in the carrier/torture chamber for quite awhile and I refused to go in so mom lifted me up in her arms and held my feet in one hand while she tilted the torture chamber up on an angle and lowered me into it. I didn't know what to do so I let out a chirp...not a twitter but a loud baby chicken sort of PEEP!! I had never done that before and my mom almost let go of me in her surprise...but she somehow got me in and closed the door.

All the way to Dr. Jeff's I pleaded and cried but to no avail. Anyway, I got stuck with a needle and then Dr. Jeff said what a handsome cat I was and looked in my eyes with his eye-looking-in-to-thing and then listened to my heart and chest and then palpated my tummy and patted me and let me get back in my carrier. I am in great shape except that I gained a little weight. Last year I weighed 20.60 lbs and this year I weigh 20.80 lbs.

Mom says I need more exercise but I think I'll just lay here and dream about my birthday. I want Tuna Juice and my favorite "Mac and Jack" which is Mackerel and Skipjack...and I don't want to wear a Party Hat but I would like Shilgiah and Hope to wear them.

But I want most of all for mom to get my balcony fixed, screened in so I can go out there and won't fall off the balcony and down three stories!

This is a picture from last year in September near my birthday. Then, we had screening on top and I loved my balcony! Mom says it's not her fault the owners won't put up new screening but she has some shade material that she is planning with some help to get up. Mom, how about Thursday Night! You could have a party for me and put up the shades. Please! Please!!