Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat Sitting the Cousins

If you read William's blog, you know that his mom has gone on a vacation to see Russell's favorite Aunt L and while William's mom is gone Aunt M is going to Cat Sit the family.

Guess What?! Our mom is Aunt M. Actually, our mom and William's mom aren't really sisters like Aunt L and William's mom but they were very close neighbors who became good friends a long time ago when William was a very tiny boy. So, we call William's mom Aunt A and William and his cat sibs call our mom Aunt M.

Anyway, this week mom told us that she will be spending some extra time over at William's place making sure he and Olivia and Caroline and Russell and Gracie have fresh litter and tummy rubs and brushies and extra lap time and lots of food and water and that the birdie friends are fed and so forth.

This is a picture of Tommy and me enjoying the summer sun. As long as mom gives us tummy rubs and brushies and clean litter and food too we are very happy cats.

William's mom left this morning and our mom went over to check in on William from about 1:30 to 3:30 this afternoon and then came back here to do a few things like to feed us. Mom is going back over this evening for two or three more hours. Aunt A gets back next weekend so maybe we will get to see her after she has had a chance to love on her own fur babies for awhile.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Blue Birdie

This weekend mom brought out my old Blue Birdie feather toy and played with me for a long time in the living room while Tommy and Hope were snoozing in the study. It was a lot of fun and looked almost like this...

except this picture was taken about a year and a half ago but I look my same beautiful self. The blue birdie has lost a couple of the long white feathers but other than that my blue birdie looks the same now as then.

Have a wonderful week everyone...and may your people treat you to feather toy play as frequently as you wish.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

Hope is still enjoying being in the whole house 24/7 but we have discovered that we prefer a variety of sleeping arrangements depending with whom we are napping.

Tommy and I prefer to sleep near each other most of the time but if he starts stretching his big body out and hogging the bed I go elsewhere.

When Hope wants to sleep near me she prefers the "top bunk bed" style of napping. I don't mind if she naps above me as long as she doesn't decide to play "pounce on the sister". If Hope does that, I have to go and find another place to nap with a bit more solitude. That's when I usually go under the bed. It's too dark under there for mom to get a good picture of me.

Have a wonderfully nappy week everyone!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Hope

Hi! Hope Here...It's my turn to blog today and I have a lot to tell you!

As most of you know, I used to be semi-feral. I'm not sure what that means but Shilgiah told me it means I had to grow myself up and didn't have very many people or cats I could count on. But now, since I found my true and forever mom on January 20th 2009, I have a forever home and I am becoming quite socially adept. I've learned to play with my siblings without hissing very much and also I know how to play alone when they are busy snoozing.

The biggest news is that for the past 10 days I have been given nighttime privileges in the whole house! Used to be, I felt more secure being alone in my study at nighttime but on Friday the 31st of July mom asked if I wanted to try to stay together with Tommy, Shilgiah and her and I nodded and made myself comfy on the bed. It was fun being out with Tommy and Shilgiah. Sometimes they would play chase in the middle of the night but I, being the good girl of the family, didn't want to wake mom up so I would just watch...wink,wink. Then, last Sunday morning I almost got blamed for this!!!

Alright! Hope did you knock this down playing chase with your brother and sister?

Now Mom, how could I possibly knock down that vase with the good tasting leaves in it? I'm much too little. Perhaps you should inquire of my big (20lb) brother. He might have some ideas.

Then, I gave mom my best cutest sweet princess expression and purred. Whew! got away with that one...heeheehee.

I am such a happy little girl. And...I am a princess too...just like my big sister Shilgiah!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nothing Much Going On

It's not that we lead a boring life...but it's just been so hot around here lately that there is just nothing much going on. Take for example, this weekend. We slept late. We had breakfast...then a snack...then we had supper. Mom went out and came back, once with nothing and once with the usual groceries. The only thing that happened that was out of the ordinary was...

New Kitty Grass! Thanks Mom!

On Saturday afternoon the lady that lives downstairs came upstairs to help mom give each of us pedicures and manicures. Then we got special treats for being so good. Mom also got us new kitty grass. Of course, Tommy tends to prefer plastic plants (see the last entry), so mostly the kitty grass is for me and Hope.

Today mom and some friends took the tram to the top of Sandia Peak and they hiked around on some pretty trails for a few miles and enjoyed the flora and fauna. When mom came home she ironed clothes for work and fed us. That's about it. Like I said...Nothing much going on...think I'll take a nap...ZZzzzzzzzz...yawn...and don't forget to have a great week!...yawn again...ZZzzzzzzzzz