Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day when we should remember all the young men and women who have gone to war and died. I'm a little confused as to why people have picnics and such on a day that seems to me kind of a sad one. Mom says it's because the young men and women went to war because they wanted to help ensure our freedom, so we should do things that remind us that we are free. I guess people find cooking meat over burning coals makes them feel free. As for me...

...watching the mom and dad birds teaching their baby fledglings to fly makes me feel free. Knowing I could probably sneak out of the house and catch one but choose not to because I'm a civilized cat makes me feel free. Finally, chasing my brother through the house and napping near my sister makes me feel free. All of these things together make me happy too!

We will all be quiet now for awhile while we remember those who are no longer with us except in our hearts.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hope Speaks Softly

Hello all you cats out there. This is Hope and while you have heard about me quite a bit from my big sister Shilgiah, I haven't really talked for myself so since Shilgiah and Tommy are sleeping, this seemed like a good opportunity to chat.

I really like my balcony and share it with my brother and sister who think it is theirs.

As you know, January 20th 2009 was the day I found my true and real mom and so she named me Hope. Never in my life was I able to trust people or other cats much...until recently. So, I was kind of scared for a few months and when I get scared I scream and growl and use my lethal claws to try to protect myself.

During the past month, I have really begun to feel so comfortable that I rarely feel like doing those things and even enjoy napping in the same room with my sibs. I still like to have my study to myself at night. Food is always there when I need a nibble. Still, I do like to stand in the kitchen on my back legs and stretch up to where mom is getting our soft supper and meow politely (o.k. well almost politely). I'm happy now and not scared anymore. I even curl up on my mom's lap and purr 'cause I am so content.

I hope all of you kitties and your human moms and dads have a really nice week to come!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Present

Our present to our Mom was to let her sleep late today. Normally, Tommy and I play "thundering herd of elephants" almost every morning before the sun comes up. However, last night before bedtime Tommy, me and Hope talked about what to do for mother's day and decided it would be nice to let mom sleep late even if it meant we had to wait longer for breakfast. I think it was a very kind thing to do...

We appreciate all you do for us Mom!

I think mom was very pleased with our present of extra sleep. When she woke up and got her coffee, she opened the balcony just for us to enjoy the warm mid-morning.

We hope all you Moms had a very Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fourteen Snowflakes, Hail and Thunder!

What a strange weekend! Yesterday, I was awakened from a nice nap when suddenly there was this rumbling sound and then loud thunder boomies came and then I stared out the window and counted fourteen snow flakes and then pea sized hail came down too fast for me to count! Well, that pretty much eliminated (before it had begun) our afternoon time on the balcony. So, we each found ways to keep ourselves busy.

Hope is learning to play ball. Mom doesn't think she ever had toys before but we are trying to teach her how to play and I think she's catching on quite well.

It was really scary when the thunder boomies fell but it was kind of fun counting the snow flakes and watching the hail.

Tommy busied himself playing with Mom's shoes. Don't tell but he kind of has a shoe fetish. Sometimes he sticks his face inside mom's shoes and actually sniffs them. Eeeew!

We got an award this week! We've gotten awards before but our mom (even though she is not feeble minded) has never been able to figure out how to post the award from someplace else other than "My Pictures" on her computer. Honestly, the woman needs to read a few instructions and use her head! Sheesh! Anyway, this time she e-mailed the award to herself and then saved it to "My Pictures". So, with due apologies to everyone who has sent us awards before for mom not getting them posted, we want to thank Cliff and Olivia for giving us the Zombie Chicken Award.

What an honor! This is what the Zombie Chicken Award is about:
"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken--excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens to read their inspiring words."

If I ran into a raving pack of zombie chickens I think I'd ask Tommy and Hope to help me herd them toward a big pot full of boiling water. Yum Yum. Thanks so much for the award Cliff and Olivia.

Now, the rule says I need to pass this on to five other blogs. If you get this and you are the type of blogger who would rather walk across shards of glass rather than post awards and stuff like that it's o.k. we'll send some zombie chickens your way for supper.

O.K. Here are some of our friends to whom we want to send the Zombie Award:

Lucy and Trixie
Twizz and Jack
Edgar Allen Bun
Scooby, Shaggy and Scout
William, Olivia, Caroline, Russell and Gracie

Have a really great week everyone!