Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well Wednesday

Mom took me back to Dr. Jeff on Monday afternoon because she was so worried that I still couldn't eat or drink. He said my hydration was good since the treatment on Saturday but that we needed to get my appetite back so he called in a prescription for chicken flavored medicine that was supposed to stimulate my appetite...and it did! I'm still not sure what made me sick...I wonder if it was that spider I ate last week?

Mom didn't feed us right away when she got home tonight and I was so hungry I almost ate her walking shoes!

I don't think I need anymore of that chicken medicine squirted in my mouth...thank you very much.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kinda Sick

Hi Furry Friends. This is Shilgiah and my mom says I've been "a little bit under the weather". I'm not sure what that means. Anyway, about Tuesday, I started yakking up at night and then during the day while mom was at work. So, every day mom was cleaning up yak ups and worrying about me.

Also, I just didn't feel much like eating or drinking water or chasing Tommy through the house and playing "thundering herd of elephants" at night anymore. So, after not eating for two days on Thursday mid-day mom called Dr. Jeff my v.e.t. and she brought me in to him on Friday. By then I had quit eating entirely and just couldn't get myself to lap up even faucet water that I love.

I think I'll be fine with lots of rest.

So, when I went to see Dr. Jeff he pushed my tummy and looked up my nose and stuck a thermometer up my "Eeeuw"! I had lost a pound since my annual visit a month ago (which is not good) but Dr. Jeff said I didn't have a fever and didn't seem to be constipated. Then, he said it would be wise to get a blood sample and make sure my liver and kidneys and other stuff was o.k. Dr. Jeff said he would call mom back on Saturday morning and let her know the results of the blood test. Dr. Jeff also gave me a shot to help me stop throwing up.

The phone rang at 8:30 on Saturday morning and Dr. Jeff said that my liver and kidneys and other stuff was normal but that (not surprisingly, since I had been yakking up and not eating or drinking) I was dehydrated and that if mom could bring me in they would give me some sub-cutaneous fluid stuff to hydrate me and also another shot of the "anti-throw-up" medicine. So, once again she picked me up and put me in the cage to go "you-know-where"!!

Since yesterday, I think I'm doing a bit better. I'm still having trouble eating much but I've eaten a bit of fancy feast kitten food (mom thought it might be easier on my digestion), I've lapped up two servings of tuna juice, and sipped a little water from my favorite facet this morning. Oh, and on Saturday after I got home she made some turkey bacon, which she almost never makes and I got all interested and munched on a whole half a piece of it! It was very good!!

Mom is still kind of worried and will be talking to Dr. Jeff tomorrow morning. I think I'll be o.k. it's just that I still feel kind of yucky.

If you have any advice to help me help mom feel less anxious please let me know. I really just don't feel very interested in food or water.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hope's Strange Days

Hi Every Cat! Hope Here! Shilgiah and Tommy and Mom think I have been acting kind of strangely of late. They just don't understand that I am having more fun than I used to when I was all scared and hissy. Now, I'm more comfy even though sometimes I still hiss. I only hiss now because being so much smaller than my sibs, I have to show them that nobody messes with Little Miss Hope!!

I can even make myself invisible when I hide behind the curtain in the bedroom.

Occasionally, I peek out and look cute for mom.

At night-time my mom kind of gets exasperated with me. I can't understand why. You see, recently for a couple of weeks I have really needed some reassurance that my mom loves me. This urgent need for reassurance usually happens at about 2 a.m. in the morning. So, this is what I do...

First, I am very quiet so she won't wake up completely. Second, I come real close to her face and purr. Third, I butt my head on her forehead. Then, I rub my face against her hand until she pets me on my head. Finally, when she hides her hand under the covers, I tap it with my little front paw to let her know I still need some petting and love. I don't think that is so strange. All mom has to do is to be available to me for about an hour or so and then I will all be fine!

Oh, and it wasn't my fault the yellow dish washing gloves got all torn up. I saw a yellow monster hiding by the sink and dragged it to the floor and killed it. It wasn't my fault that the yellow dish washing gloves got holes in them while I was saving us from the Yellow Monster!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taos Again

Mom's going to Taos again...and she had better not come back smelling like Shadow the Inn Cat from The Sagebrush Inn! This summer when mom had to go up there for three days she came back with grey fur on some of her cloths and we didn't like it!

Although Shadow is a pretty girl and I don't mind if mom pets her just once, we had better get special treats when she comes home.

It's just a day trip and mom is presenting a "workshop" but I've told her that she'd better not come back smelling like alien cats from Taos!

Hope your week is filled with treats and happiness!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shilgiah is Nine!

I turned 9 on Thursday October 1st but we didn't celebrate my birthday until Saturday evening October 3rd. It was driving me crazy too because I knew that something was hidden in the study closet and I was sure if I tried really hard I could get the closet open and find out what it was.

If I could just push a little harder I was sure I could get it open...if only mom hadn't wedged the door shut with the stick we use to get our play mouses out from under the couch and the refrigerator!

Finally! Last night the mystery gift came out and Tommy helped me unwrap it. It was a corrugated cardboard kitty couch just for me.

Mom said I was the good kitty who never scratched the furniture. So, she thought I deserved my own scratchy couch to scratch on. I love it and enjoyed scratching and lounging! Thanks mom!

After I got my scratchy couch, mom opened the can of mac-n-jack (the special favorite birthday mackerel and skip jack food) and lit my birthday candle and sang to me. And after eating I got more presents...a feathers on a stick toy, a special high grade cat nip and a new halter. Mom says she is going to see if this year we can begin to take little walks outside like we did before we moved here.

Then, Mom put my red tiara on me for a picture but I quickly took it off in order to inspect it...

Humm, nice quality plastic...but where are the diamonds?

Have a wonderful week every cat and cat family!