Sunday, September 20, 2009

Six is Awesome!

My birthday on the 17th was awesome! I got a feathery bird.

And I licked and licked the feathers till they were all soggy.

I got a sack full of fun things and my favorite Mac-n-Jack with a candle in it and mom sang to me. Then I shared my Mac-n-Jack with my sisters.

In the sack full of fun things was the funnest thing of tissue paper! Mmmm...I love how it crinkles and tears up so well.

Here is the sack full of fun things and the feather birdie before I made the bird soggy and before I tore into the sack.

And last but not least mom bought me a big bunch of fresh cat nip! Mmmmmm! Nip makes me happy.

Now, a neighbor also gave me a really nice shade that pulls up and down to put on the balcony and it will look beautiful there. Aunt A is gonna come over sometime this next weekend and help mom put it up because mom is hopelessly stupid when it comes to fix-it and build it stuff. All we have to do is put four or five hooks to hold the shade up and voila I will get my balcony back!!

And whether or not you are Jewish like mom, we want to wish you...L'Shanah Tovah...May you have a good and sweet New Year...Happy 5770!


Shilgiah the Cat said...

Oh... I forgot to mention...the pictures on this blog entry were taken with the new Red Polaroid digital camera that William's mom gave to my mom for cat sitting William and his brother and sisters. Mom loves the camera!

Melvin said...

Your presents are fantastic! Congrats on turning 6! And congrats to your mom for getting a new camera. :D

The Monkeys said...

Looks like you really scored with all that stuff! Happy birthday!

William said...

I'm six, too, so I know it's a pretty fun age! Happy birthday, Tommy!

P.S. Pretty cool pictures. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! You got some great presents and it was very nice of you to share.

Our beans were on vacation so we're just getting around to visiting everyone.

THE ZOO said...

happy belated purrthday.

Parker said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

happy belated birthday! 6 is a great year. your mommy is awesome to put together such a great package and treat for you. it was very nice of you to share.

I have not heard of L'Shanah Tovah. How exciting. I hope you had a great celebration. Happy 5770 to you all too!

jenianddean said...

Happy belated birthday!