Monday, January 8, 2007

Whose Vacation?

I'm still waiting for mom to buy me my digital camera but that's o.k. because she gets these cameras that she calls "cheapo throw away cameras". Then, when there are no more pictures, she takes them to Walgreens and asks them for one set of prints and a CD. It's worked pretty well for me until now.

I was all excited Friday evening when mom told me she had taken the last kitty pics to Walgreens and I would be able to show my new cat friends my favorite mousie toy (the one Tommy keeps hiding from me) and some snow pictures from the big storm and other pictures of how pretty I am. Well, mom showed me the prints and I picked which ones I wanted her to post. Then, when mom put the CD into the computer it started loading and I heard her say "What!!!". It was loading 127 pictures and she had only turned in one cheapo throw away camera with 27 pictures! So we got some other family's vacation pictures. I was not happy. Mom talked to the manager at the Walgreens and late yesterday evening the man called and said he made a new CD of the right pictures. I think the manager should give me some cat toys to compensate for not getting to post my pictures.

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THE ZOO said...

we have a camera from walgreens that has lifetime pictures. we take pictures take it in and they change the film and put in new free and we only have to pay for the pictures & cd we get.they broke it once and gave us a new one. its was less than 20.00$$.