Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me on Nip

It's been extra hectic for mom lately so this is my first chance to blog for a while. Lux tagged me to do a Me-Me about me and nip behavior and then tag other friends. Here are the rules:
"All you catsters out there have to list five things you do whenever you're on the nip and tag some other kitties afterward. Let's find out how wacked out some of us get!"

Nip dancing with my yellow mousie

I especially love it when mom puts furry mousies in a plastic baggie with nip in it and shakes it up and then gets the nipped up toys out for me to play with.

1. While mom is shaking the plastic bag with the nip and toys in it I stand up on my hind legs and touch mom's leg and meow politely for her to hurry up and get the mousie out of the bag.

2. When mom gives me the nip covered mousie I pick it up by it's tail (or feathers if it's a feather butt mousie) and throw it in the air.

3. I repeat step two throwing it in the air several times more until my mom laughs out loud.

4. Then I run through the house and chase the mousie whom I am sure is running though the house taunting me.

5. Then, finally, I begin dancing with the mousie and seeing how long I can keep him up in mid-air.

Now, since I have taken so long to do this me-me probably most of all the other cats have been tagged, if not I am tagging YOU. Yes, if you are reading this and want to "fess up" about your nip behavior you are tagged.

Oh, mom says the picture isn't very good cuz the rug came out maroon rather than red like it is. Oops!


Daisy said...

Nip dancing! You are such a cute kitty, Shilgiah. Your catnip games sound very fun.

Henry Helton said...

Hey, my catnip mousies taunt me too! I wonder if our mousies are related. My guess is yes.

One-Eyed Jack said...

Great nip dancing!! My OTW puts mousies in the nip too, but she leaves them in there a long long time, then trades them for mousies that aren't so nippy anymore!


'NIP!!!!! 'Nipnipnipnipnipnipnipnipnip!!!!!

I love 'nip! I want 'nip! I need 'nip!


Karen Jo said...

What a fun way to get nipped! I love your nip mousie dance.

Anonymous said...

That is a great action shot of you on the nip Shilgiah. You sure know how to enjoy it!

Lux said...

That picture's way cute - it sounds like you love nip more than anycat I know!

William said...

Nip dancing! Ha ha ha ha!

Shilgiah, Karen Jo wrote you a limerick! She got everything right!

Christine and FAZ said...

How long can you keep your mouse in the air when you're on the nip? FAZ