Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Making Friends

I'm beginning to make friends with the big golden intruder mom brought home a while ago.

At first he scared me but then I discovered he is quite soft and furry. Daisy had suggested that he might make a soft nap partner, and he does. Tommy is still a bit scared of him. So, if I'm tired of being groomed or having my ears cleaned by Tommy I can go take a break near my new furry friend.

I think his name is Leon. At least I think that's what he said but he is very soft spoken.


Anonymous said...

He looks pretty friendly and has a big smile so maybe he is a nice big guy. Tommy should not be scairt of him.

Daisy said...

He does look like he could be a good friend. I think I heard him whisper "Leon" also. Or maybe he was saying "climb on!" I am not sure.