Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Purim

Happy Purim! Mom spent most of the day helping to run the Purim Carnival at the Synagogue. So, while she was gone I decided to explain to Hope all about Purim. It boils down to it's a time to dress up in masquerade costumes and eat lots of triangular shaped cookies called Hamentashen and to make Noise Noise Noise! Interestingly, mom was in charge of the "Silent Auction". Go Figure?

Who is this masked beauty?

Hehehehe...It's Me!

I like my blue boa but unfortunately I need people to help me make noise with the grogger.

A grogger is a much more pleasant noise than my sister's suppertime imitation of a screaming banshee.

Have a great week everyone!


Parker said...

Happy Purim!
I like your blue boa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Purim! You look very mysterious in the mask Shilgiah! Maybe your Mom can help you play with the noise maker.

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Oh friends, you have to go over to Quasi's blog! He talks of not just Purim but Purr-im and provides some little know facts about Kitty Parties on Purim.

Quasi said...

Hi Shilgiah,
I thought that might be you behind the mask. Have a happy Purim and I hope you get lots of treats!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Cookies? Did someone say cookies??!?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Purim sounds like fun :)

William said...

Shilgiah, you are looking as beautiful as ever, especially in that fetching boa. I hope you got some triangle-shaped treats!