Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Secrets from Shilgiah

My friend Delilah of the Monkeys gave me this wonderful "Seu blog e um sonho" Award. In English it means "Your blog is a dream"

The rules of this award are to share seven beauty secrets and then give the award to seven bloggers whom you think are deserving of this wonderful award.

My first beauty secret is whenever possible lay on some green grass and take in the beauty of the makes you beautiful too.

My second beauty secret is make friends with other species as well as your own. Friendship always makes you look prettier.

My third beauty secret is to request Tuna Juice from your mom at least once a week. It helps you keep your girlish figure.

My fourth beauty secret is to be sure to maintain an exercise regimen. I find the most fulfilling exercise involves chasing my brother through the house and/or wrestling with him at least twice a day (chasing through the house at 3 AM is especially fulfilling).

My fifth beauty secret is to nap with your mom at least once each weekend and purr in her ear. This may not make you instantly more beautiful but it often leads to beauty tip #3 (tuna juice).

My sixth beauty secret is to dream sweet dreams whenever and wherever you nap.

And my last beauty secret is to find a forever home that is safe and loving and wonderful. Then you will always have all the love you will need to keep you beautiful your whole life.

Now, I think all of the kitties in the blogosphere are beautiful and I would like to know their beauty secrets. So, I am passing this award on to any cat and all cats (even beautiful man cats) who would like to share their beauty secrets.

Have a beautiful week everyone!!


The Monkeys said...

You're such a beauty, Shilgiah!

We love the tuna juice idea. We're going to suggest that right away!

Parker said...

I like you tips!

Daisy said...

Shilgiah, I was wondering how you stayed so beautiful!

William said...

Those were wonderful, Shilgiah. You hardly need any tips, you're so pretty.

Tell your mom that my mom enjoyed the ideas about the tree. It couldn't be done with ours, though. I watched all day today. Our yard is bald now and we're pretty sad about it.

Anonymous said...

Shilgiah we love your beauty tips. They sure have worked for you because you are beautiful!

The Meezers said...

well your secrets werk furry well 'acuae you is BEAUTIFUL!