Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Hi Hope here. Our mom is going back to work tomorrow after having been off for a long long long time. Shilgiah says it has been 11 days. She was off that long because her company makes people take "use it or lose it" time before each new year happens. Soooo...we have been getting lots of mom time and some of our other people friends have been by from time to time to say hi and pet us.

I prefer napping during the day so I can wake mom up bright and early-thirty each morning. But since she has been home she seems to get upset when I get her up in the morning. I can't understand why?

That's why I have mixed feelings. I like it when mom is home but I don't like it that she doesn't want to get up at her normally early hour. Oh well, I guess it will be fun to wake her up tomorrow and she won't push me off the bed and grumble that she needs to sleep more.

Have a great week everyone! Oh, and Happy Twenty-Ten!!


William said...

But think of all the games you can play with your sibs when your mom is working! Then you all can curl up and look angelic just in time for her arrival home!

brandi said...

Sorry about your mom going back to work. But, hey, isn't it fun waking her up early?
I'm glad your Hannukah was lovely. My Chrissymouse was too.
Hey, mama's got Jewish friends. Don't you get days and days of pressies???
If you don't, you deserve them!!

Parker said...

My Mom was in the same situation and now she has to face the "mother of all Mondays!"

Daisy said...

I agree, daytime is the best time for napping. Early mornings are for racing around like a maniac!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Must have been nice to spend a lot of quality time with your mom - pity she has to go back to work.

Lux said...

I hope your mom had an okay day, going back and all. My mom had a long vacation, too, and she looked pretty groggy first thing this morning.

Anonymous said...

Our Mom likes to sleep in on her days off too. Moms just have to understand we have hungry tummies!

Jack and Persephone said...

We've given up on getting our lazy human up. She just gets up and goes to bed whenever she wants. No consideration for her job as cat servant. I even have to herd her to bed sometimes! After the birds have gotten up!

Hope you pounced her awake extra good on Monday!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh boy! you get to wake your mommy up, send her off to work and take her warm snuggle spot on the bed. i love that game.

i'm sorry she has been so unhappy with your waking her up. i don't understand that either.

happy waaaaay belated Hannukah and we wish you a happy, healthy 2010