Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Old Mom of the Mountain

Mom turned another year older today. For an old lady she still gets around pretty well. In fact she really loves skiing. She took the day off today but didn't go skiing because it was snowing. Now that she is kind of old, she only likes to ski when the snow has stopped falling and the sun comes out. Here is a picture of the view of Sandia Peak as seen from our apartment. The ski area is on the other side of the mountain. It's about 10 minutes to the tram and then she rides up the tram (another 15 minutes) and is at the top of the cool little ski area!

This picture of the mountain was taken a few weeks ago.

Look at how mom dresses when she goes skiing! When Hope first saw her in this getup she ran and hid. Mom does look kind of scary with the helmet and goggles on.

But really, we think she'd look better without the ugly orange helmet. Her response is that she'd just as soon keep her head warm and her brains intact if she were to fall.

Mom is more scared of driving in the snow than skiing in it. Tomorrow she has to drive up to Northern New Mexico for work...not pleasure. She won't be back till Friday evening. So, our Cat Sitter Robyn is coming to take care of us until she gets back.

She kind of hopes her boss will cancel the trip but there is only a slim chance the trip may be canceled but only if the highway to Santa Fe is closed at La Bajada hill tomorrow morning.

Hope all of you have a great last couple of days in your week.

Update: Mom's boss did cancel the trip Thursday morning because there were very treacherous roads filled with slippery ice where she was going to go. Mom is very happy the trip was canceled. We will miss having Robyn but she will come another time.


Derby said...

Beans can look scary in their special clothes. But your mum is smart to protect her brain!

Parker said...

Why doesn't she take you guys skiing?
I hope she had a great birthday!