Sunday, March 7, 2010

Water Dish Golf

Hi Everycat! Tommy here. Shilgiah seems to be busy napping, so I thought I'd do the posting this evening.

It was a busy weekend, what with naps and eating and wrestling and playing water dish golf.

However, we hardly got a chance to interact with our Mom. She was off skiing yesterday and today worked all day on some sort of report for work. Luckily, she was able to do it from home and that meant every once in awhile Hope or I got a chance to jump up near the computer and walk in front of the screen...just so she'd remember we were there and could use a treat or ten.

Later today, I played a round of water dish golf. I went pretty well. I even got a "bowl-in-one". This is a picture from a week or so ago but this is pretty much what it looked like today.

This is not a water's my "bowl-in-one"!

Do any of the rest of you like to play with foam golf balls? Let me know if you have discovered any other cool games to play with them. O.K.

I hope you all have great fun this week!


Parker said...

A bowl in one...HaHaHa!

Daisy said...

We do not have any foam balls, but it looks very fun. You are an excellent golfer to get a bowl in one!

The Monkeys said...

We have foam soccer balls so this is definitely a game we want to play!

William said...

I like to get them stuck on my toes!

Christine and FAZ said...

I like to put balls in my water bowl too. Well done. FAZ