Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Baby Doves!

Our mom has been watching our Dove family all week before and after work. She has taken eleventy-seven pictures, most of which didn't come out very well. But looky!

See! Two babies with the momma dove! It's kind of hard to see the little sister but she is right beside her big brother. I think their names are Sam and Emma.

Doesn't the momma dove have pretty blue eyeshadow. The babies change positions from time to time. So, here Sam is where Emma was in the last picture. You can only see the momma and Sam but Emma is the little lump in the foreground taking a nap.

Both kids look like they are almost ready to fledge.

Just now, the wind has come up again and our mom is a little worried that Sam and Emma will think it might be fun to fly in the wind. Hopefully, they will listen to their mom and dad, who take turns watching the kids, and hang on tightly to their nest.

We hope you all have a happy week.


William said...

Hi baby doves! We've never seen baby doves before!

A few Good Cats said...

We understand why your human mom took so many pictures -- our human staff would have done the same darn thing. Better them than us, we suppose.

Sam and Emma? We've heard of Sam and Janet, as in "Sam and Janet Evening..." ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the dove family. We have dove families in our yard too!

Anonymous said...

嘿,你的部落格不錯耶~~只是想跟您問聲好!! .................................................................