Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Five Reasons Why I Blog

Sorry it's been so long since I blogged. Mom has been busy lately that she hasn't let me blog. Munchin, Missy and Monte as well as William tagged me so here are my reasons why I blog.
1. So the world can see how very very beautiful I am. Mom says I'm a tad egocentric. How could I be when I don't even know what that is.
2. So I'll have something to do at five o'clock in the morning that doesn't involve chasing my brother through the house.
3. So I can get ideas from other cats in the world about how to get my mom to do the things I want. Like buying me more toys.
4. So my mom can get more proficient at taking beautiful pictures (especially of me).
5. So my brother Tommy will have a venue to discuss how wonderful his big sister is and why he loves her so so much.


Daisy said...

Shilgiah, those are some great reasons. I hope you have been getting more toys from your Mom! Blogging is a great way to learn how to take pictures; my Mommie is still learning, but it is a fun hobby for her.

Lux said...

I could use some practice with that #3 - great reasons, Shilgiah!

William said...

Shilgiah, you're so funny! I know you're not egocentric at all--you're a cat!

P.S. Olivia's b-day is the 6th, your mom was right.

One of us said...

Those are great reasons Shilgiah ~Poiland Tribe