Sunday, May 6, 2007

Thanks Mom!

How nice of you to leave a finger bowl out for me to clean my pretty little paws. You are so thoughtful mom! What? It's not a finger bowl. Oops.

Mom said that I may not be able to blog early in the mornings like I usually do because she is going to be on Jury Duty. She was on Jury Duty last week too but she just had to make phone calls to someone at 5:30 every evening to see if she had to go to a courthouse the next day and sit in a jury room all day waiting to be called to see if they wanted her to be on a jury. Well, Friday evening she found out she has to go down tomorrow and sit in a jury room all day and wait to get asked questions to see if she will be a juror on a trial. Mom says it's everyone's civic duty to do this. That's all well and good it's just...well...what's this got to do with not letting me blog early in the morning???


Daisy said...

I like those finger bowls too! It feels good to swish your paws all around in them.

One of us said...

we thought those were finger and nose bowls too, hmmmmm ~poiland tribe

William said...

I catch water with my footies sometimes if Mom leaves the water running for me. But I don't get a glass.

How come you can't do jury duty too? It would be pretty fun if it were a dog bite case or something.