Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Evil Blue Ball

Here is the evil blue ball *shudder* that I said I would tell you about. It looks innocent enough doesn't it? Inside it has crunchies. Sounds good. Right? Now, here's the rub. This evil blue ball is supposed to replace our wonderful black porcelain kitty bowls that are filled every morning with Wellness Indoor Kitty Food. Our mom began using the blue ball last weekend and even bought another green one. So we now have two evil balls!! Each ball can fit 2/3rds of a cup of kitty food. That's how much we usually eat but really!! The indignity!! What is she thinking!!! We have to hunt for our food now?!?! I think not!!!

So, this evil blue ball and it's brother green ball (not shown here), came with instructions. Oh, the evil blue and green balls are made by a company in Canada called "Multivet International Inc" and the ball is called "SlimCat". Inside the pamphlet, which is written in six languages, for meowing out loud, is the following introduction:
"The idea behind the "SlimCat"(Tm) ball is to distribute an adjustable quantity of food to your cat through his interaction with the ball. An enriched environment and proper feeding habits are Slimcat's ultimate goal. Being in good mental and physical health will reduce your cat's undesirable behaviors."

What are they talking about?! "Undesirable Behaviors??!!" We nap, we play, we have toys...lots and lots of toys. Why do we need to chase those evil food balls all over the place to get a nibble or two! This is really unfair!

We have been trying to think what to do to rid the house of these evil food spitting balls, but so far, the best we've come up with is to make sure we spread and move some of the evil ball's food near where mom gets up in the morning cuz she usually has her eyes closed till she has her first cup of coffee. But all mom has done is to cuss a bit and the evil blue ball as well as the evil green one are still here.

Can you cats out there help us? If you have any ideas what we can do to make mom get rid of this food contraption please let us know!! Thanks!


William said...

I'm wondering how your mom might like to have to do that for her food. Maybe you and Tommy can fill one with her stuff. I bet her food wouldn't even come out of the itty bitty holes!

meemsnyc said...

Hmmm, we think that sounds like a very very evil ball indeed!!

Lux said...

Mom says she saw those balls at Petsmart this weekend, but she thought they were just for occasional treats (she never reads labels). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well! The indignity of having to get your food out of that ball is just not right. We agree with William about your Mom's food.

Have you thought about going to where your dish used to be and howling? That usually works in our house.

Parker said...

I'm speechless.
Diamond has a ball like that for his treats, but having to get your whole meal out of it! Wow, this is something else! I guess you have to work for your meals now...
I have no idea how to make those balls go away!

The Crew said...

Tsk (shakes head sadly) This is just about the most pitiful thing I've ever heard of. Imagine...being expected to chase your food around before you can get a bite to eat. (sigh)

Daisy said...

Hmmm, it sounds a little bit fun. Especially if you can use it just for treats.

goldenshade said...

Can you some how throw up IN these hideous balls?

I wouldn't mind them for temptations. I wonder if the PM would put a mouse in one for me?

Good Luck!