Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mom is Not Really a Big Meanie

Hi Every Cat,
Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions on ridding our lives of the evil blue and green balls. Especially we liked the idea of putting mom's food in there and of throwing up on the evil balls.

Mom told me last night that I was being overly dramatic about our food plight and I needed to explain that she was Not Really the Big Meanie that I portrayed her to be in the last blog.

Yes, we still have the evil blue ball and the evil green ball but the truth is mom feeds us our soft Fancy Feast food just like always and our Crunchy Wellness food is put in our black porcelain bowls at night time before she goes to sleep.

It's just during the day time while mom is away hunting that she now picks up our black porcelain crunchy food bowls and tells us that we need to get daytime food from our evil blue and green balls.

One other clarification. The food spitting evil balls really have three different sizes of hole in them and can be adjusted (by anyone with opposable thumbs) to any of the three sizes. Mom has ours adjusted to the biggest hole that lets out about ten or twenty crunchies at one whack (if it's a pretty hard whack).

So we really aren't being mistreated. Mom just doesn't want us to overeat, like someone, let's call him Tommy, tends to do.

Mom's going to be gone on a work "retreat" the rest of this week from Wednesday early thirty until Friday evening but a nice person and friend is coming to take care of us and Mom promises we will have our black porcelain bowls filled all the time while she is gone and has instructions to give us extra treats whenever we ask for them.

Thanks again for your comments,
Shilgiah and Tommy


Daisy said...

I think the blue and green balls sound like fun. You can pretend that you are hunting for your foods! Like real wild cats!

goldenshade said...

I didn't think your mom was being a meanie. The PM gets worried about Shade's weight too as she had a cat with diabetes once and that was very hard.

I think you guys will be fine!

purrs, Goldie

Beau Beau & Angie said...

If you look at da evil blue and green balls as a fun fing den schmaybe dey won't be so bad. At least they have a dual purpose rite? Dey am toys and food! Hee hee.

To answer yur question bout owr food, yes we am eating raw food. Mom waited and waited and read lots of stuff bout it. Den finally she gotted da big box wif da machine in it. But she wuz still not shure what to do and what to put on da chopped up food. Den Angie got an Owie in her eye so she wented to da holistic vet. He said just take a piece of chicken quarter, cut it up and give it to us jus like dat. Since we wern't used to that she still cuts off lots of the meat and just leaves it all on da plate. We ate it all up cept for da bone so far. We still get Instinct stinky goodness but now we get raw once a day. It's good for owr teef coz we actually get to chew somefin.
How simple is dat? Just cut up a little chicken drumstick and put it on da plate. Easy.
Read catinfo.org/index.htm an you'll think twice about what yoo feed da cats -speshully da dry food, good stuff or not.
Just owr opinion.

Efurryone has dare own eatin habits. We humans even all eat differntly in owr house. One vegetarian, one lo carber wif slightly vegetarian tendencies and organic crazy and dad eats efurrying dat Mom gives him. Heheheheheheh.

Quasi said...

I totally agree that this is undignified. Thank Ceiling Cat that you have a pet sitter to take advantage of this week.

Lux said...

Those balls are really rather cool! I'm glad you've got a nice person coming to feed you whilst your mom is gone!

Black Cat said...

Cybil had a similar ball because when she first adopted me she was a bit, well, rotund. She totally despised it and kept right on begging me for treats, lol! :) xxx

Parker said...

We knew she wasn't a meanie!
It's fun to hunt for food, I think that our big cousins do it all of the time!