Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures... Way After My Birthday

Wow! My Mom just spent 35 minutes getting two of my birthday pictures to this point. I think mom should have gotten me a new operating system or a really good technical person to help me do this blog rather than the toys and stuff I got!

O.k. Now, I really do love the toys mom got me. And I even share with Tommy who especially seems to like the funky looking dog face with the funny floppy blue ears. Nevertheless, I'm really getting tired of not being able to blog much cuz it takes mom fifty thousand hours to put a post up for me!!!

One present I would not want to trade for a computer technician or a new operating system is this! Know what it is? It fresh CATNIP!!! Both Tommy and I love love love it! Hum...I wonder if in our nipped out state we accidentally screwed up our blog site stuff...Naaah...It's mom...she needs to hire a technical assistant or five.

Got to go now before this thing implodes...eeeek!!


Daisy said...

Sometimes computers are very hard. Catnip is much more funnerer.

Parker said...

I'd rather mess around with the '
nip too!
I agree with Daisy, computers are hard!
I hope you had a very wonderful birthday celebration!

The Crew said...

Fresh catnip, you say? I'll be right over.