Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Things Happening...Old Picture to Remember

A long long long time ago, way back in 2006 Tommy came into my life. He is my brother now and I love him very much but it wasn't always that way. When he first came to my house he had to stay in the study for two weeks until he finished taking some icky medicine and could come out and play with me. We sniffed and played hot paws between the space under the double doors to the study. From a distance it was fine but when he finally got to come out into the rest of the house...well, I wasn't very happy. I hissed. I growled. I hid under my little blanket. I hid under other stuff. Anyway, eventually we became best friends. Well, occasionally we still like to have a wrestling match. Below is a picture of the first day Tommy came out into the rest of the house.

The point of all of this is to tell you that something is happening that I don't understand and don't really like. Tommy and I have been banished from the study and the double doors are closed and our balcony is out there on the other side of the double doors and through the study.

On the 20th of January 2009 ,(something called Inauguration Day), mom took the day off to watch TV. So, we had some mom time with her. Then, she put us in the back room which was O.K. because mom's bed is there and that is a favorite place we like to nap. Then when she let us out again the double doors to our study were closed!

Sometime later, we heard suspicious sounds coming from the study. Mom seemed to spend a lot of time in there making sweet soft talk with someone. Then, she told us we had a new sister that we would meet after she had time to adjust. The vet said she didn't have any contagious diseases but that she needed to gain some weight. Mom told us that this little kitty was a stray like we had been before we found mom. But that this little girl hadn't found enough nice people to feed her while she was trying to find a real forever mom.

Last night our Aunt A. came to say hello to us. She and mom also went into the study and closed the double doors.

Today mom put us back in the bedroom place again. Then, we hear her open the big double doors. Later, after the double doors were closed again she let us out. Still later, she let the new kitty sister out of the double doors while we were in the living room and you know what? That little cat, part tabby striped and part tortie, came right out and hissed at us! And you know what else? She growled at us! So, after a little--not so fun-- visit, mom said our new sister needed a little more time to get used to us...and she put her back in our study!!

O.K. I'm trying to be calm but I'm not so sure I like this at all. Then, mom showed me the picture of me and Tommy when we first met and I had to admit that perhaps first impressions are not always the best indicator of future friendship.

Anyway, we will keep you posted on how well this new little sister is coming with regard to our training of her. One thing in her favor is that she has a name that is apropos of the day she came to live with us. So, that's all we can do. Wait and ...

P.S. Mom can't get the CD from Walgreens to load into the "My Pictures" place where all our other pictures are...but she got some good pictures of little miss hissy fit.


Parker said...

Oh this is very exciting! We can't wait to meet the lucky little girl who is now your sister!!!

Daisy said...

Woohoo! This is very exciting and interesting. I cannot wait to find out more about her.

When I first met Harley, my Mommie took out my favorite toy (Cat Dancer), and waved it in front of me. I was so focused on the toy, I hardly noticed Harley watching on. Of course, this was after he spent several days isolated in the guest bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a new sister! We can't wait to meet her. When Trixie came to live with us she was very tiny and stayed in the teenage boy bean's bedroom for a couple of weeks.

Fat Eric said...

Thank you for visiting me on my blogoversary!

How exciting that you have a new sister!