Monday, January 26, 2009

She Scares Me

I'm twice her size and yet she scares me so much! When my new little sister hisses and growls it makes me all jumpy and I have to run away and hide. It's embarrassing. I want to like her but I just wish she would quit growling. Mom says she probably does that because she is still feeling scared herself and so she has to act tough. She probably encountered some not so nice kitties out in the cold.

O.K. I'll just wait here until she quits scaring me.

My mom is having terrible trouble loading the apparently unloadable Walgreen's CD with the pictures of my new sister. Probably by the time she finally figures it out my new sister will have become civilized and quit scaring me.


William said...

Shilgiah, that sounds like a meow for help. Tell your mom to turn on the pc, put in the cd and then call my mom after that (Tues) and she'll walk her through getting the pictures of your new sister.

Parker said...

Oh I hope she figures it out - we wanna' see her!

Daisy said...

It can be hard to get used to a new little brother or sister. I was scairt of Harley, too.

Anonymous said...

Shilgiah hiding under the tablecloth is definitely best until Miss Hissy settles down and gets used to you and Tommy. When Trixie first came to live with us we hissed at each other through the door.