Friday, June 22, 2007

Looking Forward

The weekend is coming and I'm always happy cuz mom is happy. Mom says we will try to build in something "spontaneous and fun". Mom says she usually has to carefully schedule her spontaneity. My mom kind of overly plans but not this weekend.

Watching for butterflies and birds


Anonymous said...

Shilgiah you look so furry pretty staring out the window. What are you looking at? Vishus deer? Or birdie friends? Looks interesting whatever it is.

William said...

I think you and your bro have to teach your mom to be more cat-like. We never plan anything!

One of us said...

so how does yer Mom schedule spontineity? we need some here wif all this moving stuff, but we are headed to NM, but not Albuturkey. ~the fluffy tribe