Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ten Minutes to the House Wren

My mom is a bit nuts, if you ask me. She had the day off Friday so she went through the house moving the arms of all the clocks around. She told me that time would change on Saturday night but she wanted to give us a head start so we wouldn't wake her up so early in the morning if we got used to getting up later for breakfast!?

But Mom!! It's ten minutes to the House Wren and we are starving and want our breakfast!!

Hope you all have a good spite of the silly time changing and messing up food times.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tommy the Spooky Halloween Cat

Although we refused to wear costumes, Tommy decided he'd practice for Halloween.

Ooooh! Tommy the Halloween Cat looks so big and spooky!!!

He was actually just practicing holding his fat belly in so mom would think he's losing weight and give him more kibble.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost Fall

I think it's Fall but here in the high desert it still feels quite toasty in the afternoon to us.

However, every morning mom opens the balcony for us and we breath in the lovely Fall morning smells. Lately, it's been in the low 50's in the morning and high 70's in the afternoon but during the week to come Mom says the weather man thinks it may get down to the low 70's and if we are lucky there might be some rain. We need lots and lots of rain and then lots and lots of snow so our mom will be happy during the winter and be able to ski nearby.

Remember the pictures of the baby doves this summer? If not, this is their neighborhood. Their tree was just to the south-west of this picture. This is the quad where there is kind of a park and lots of trees at our apartment complex. The trees are turning from green to yellowish and pretty soon to orangish then to redish then to brownish and then they will fall off the trees. I think that's why it's called "fall".

We all hope you have a wonderful week to come.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Hope

Shilgiah isn't the only Princess in our home. I am Princess of the bedroom.

Mom got new sheets and I got up on the bed so quickly that she couldn't even finish making the bed. Very nice napping place.

We all hope your week is a happy one!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Were have all the sunflowers gone...long time passing

I can't believe we haven't posted for two months! I wish I could say we've all been having a marvelous adventure in Greece or Turkey (Mmmm!Turkey)but...we haven't. We have just been doing our ordinary things like napping and sunning ourselves on our balcony. Mom has been coming home from "work" all grumbly like Hope gets when Tommy annoys her. I guess someone must be annoying her at her "work". Anyway, here are some pictures of Tommy, and Hope and finally Me that were taken during the last two months.

The sunflowers were wonderful and we didn't even nibble them. Of course, mom moved them to a high location during the day when she was gone and at night so we only got to sniff them in the afternoons.

Hope is much more interested in what is outside the window than in sniffing sunflowers.

As for me, napping is my favorite hobby. I have such wonderful dreams! Who needs sunflowers to sniff when you can romp through a whole field of them in your dreams?

Have a wonderful week to all of you! I'll try to visit soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Not a very creative title for this post but mom was humming this while I was helping her make the bed and it got stuck in my head and I've been purring the tune all day while I napped.

It's been a nice quiet weekend. A little rain...a little sun...and a little more rain...and a little more sun. All in all, a great weekend for napping.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A special present just for me!

On the way home from having breakfast with Aunt A this morning mom stopped and bought me a special present. See!!

It's fresh nip! Mmmmmm...Nom, Nom, Nom. I'll share some with Tommy and Hope later...maybe.