Friday, December 25, 2009

My New Collar

Merry Christmas to all the kitties who are celebrating Christmas today! Hope you all got everything you wanted. We watched The Nutcracker on PBS this morning. Mom said I could post my favorite picture of my Hanukkah Collar that Aunt A made for me. I think it makes my white fur look especially dazzling...don't you?

I feel pretty...oh, so pretty...I feel pretty and witty and wise...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tired Tommy

Hanukkah was over Saturday and now Tommy is really tired.

Tommy dreaming of all the fun he had during Hanukkah

We had a great time with Aunt A on Friday evening when she came over. She brought us really wonderful handmade Hanukkah Collars and Hanukkah earrings for our mom and we got some really good pictures of them had a glitch in the picture department so we will get those pictures up soon. Hope and I looked very beautiful in our collars and Tommy looked mighty handsome and mom's earrings were stunningly cute! Thanks Aunt A!

May you all have a wonderful week to come!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hopes First Hanukah

We would have posted sooner but someone has been "busy"? Hint: Three letters--starts with "M" then an "O" and then another "m". Anyway, tonight I thought I would let Hope tell you about her experiences with yet another first in her life called Hanukah. She's had a lot since Jan. 20th when she found mom and us and decided to adopt us .

Hi, Hope here. At first, this first didn't seem like that big of a deal. I've seen mom light candles almost every friday night...but this was different. First, she lit candles and then she had this big candelabra she called a "Menorah" near the usual friday candles.

Mom lit one candle and said it was the "helper candle" that lights the other candles. Then she only lit one more. But the menorah could hold so many more candles...why just one? Mom said it's because we will add one light each night until all eight (plus the helper candle) are lit. Below is a picture of the candles on the first night when they were almost burned out.

O.K. So then I found out that watching the candles burn all down is not all there is to this holiday. Which is a good thing...cuz that would be pretty pitiful and boring. There are also some smells that come with the holiday. Mom makes something called Latkes. Basically they are "fried round greasy things" that any cat in its right mind would never want to even think about eating.

But, there is something else that is sort of fascinating. It's called a driedle. According to mom, children and sometimes grownups play a game with it. A driedle is a top that spins but when Tommy and Shilgiah showed me how they said the best way to play with it (since we don't have opposible thumbs) is to bat it.

I have to look real close to make sure it's on the side to give me "gimmel" so I can win.

O.K. I think I have it now! Here I go...whap! (Driedle zooms across the table and whacks the wall) I win!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and winning week!

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Favorite Flowers

My goodness! It's been two weeks and a day since I posted last! Anyway, this picture was taken on Thanksgiving morning. There was a smell of turkey and stuffing in the air and the temperature at our place was considerably warmer than normal. Our mom keeps the thermostat at 65 degrees in the winter and with the oven making extra heat it was toasty warm instead of icicle cold.

Mom took this picture of me while the turkey was cooking and before guests arrived. I was thinking about Thanksgivings I've spent with mom since I adopted her back in 2001. I am a very lucky little girl and am very thankful that I have mom and Tommy and even Hope too!

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Up Close and Personal

Winter is finally here. Cold and rainy and windy and then a dusting of snow. Not many rays of sun. So mom decided to practice taking close ups. She's not very good at it and it was a bit annoying.

It's hard to smile when that camera is practically looking up my nose. that's just a bit too close mom!

May you all stay toasty warm this week! Have a good one!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend on the Balcony

This weekend we mostly hung out on or near the balcony. It was mostly autumn weather right now. About two weeks ago we had a teaser day with lots of snowflakes...but then it got all warm again. So, with the warm autumnal weather back, we spent a lot of time smelling things outside. Hope doesn't like the balcony as much as Tommy and I but I think that may be because she almost starved to death out in the big cold outside when she was young. Hope likes to smell the autumn...but prefers to be inside doing so.

Tommy, what is that you see?

Don't worry I'll catch the intruder! Oh, it's a leaf! Well, I killed it anyway.

Have a wonderful week my furry friends!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cooking Lesson

Hi my furry friends! This is Shilgiah and I am feeling great! I am all better and only had to have two doses of the chicken flavored medicine before my appetite came back.

Anyway, in honor of my appetite coming back I thought I would share my mom's favorite supper she likes to make for friends or even just for herself. First, we have chicken! This is no ordinary chicken!

This is chicken that is made as follows: take skinless boneless breast of chicken (in this picture it is chicken breast cut into three pieces each (sometimes called "chicken tenders"). Use three spices--tarragon, garlic powder (or garlic salt if you prefer) and paprika (the red looking hue to the chicken). Saute in butter (or olive oil or parve margarine) this on each side until it's kind of golden. Then add 3/4 cup of white wine and when it begins to boil turn the temp down to simmer. Put the lid on and go visit with your guests or your cats for about 30 to 45 minutes (a little longer if it's not the chicken breasts cut into smaller pieces). Then...

when the chicken is almost done, turn the burner on under the asparagus and steam it for a few minutes until it is al dente (or really soggy if you prefer). Then, when everything is ready...

tell Tommy he is not supposed to be sitting at the table.

When mom made this wonderful dinner, she told Tommy to get down from the table...he did...but then when she put the chicken and asparagus on her plate and turned around for a minute he grabbed one of the small chicken pieces, jumped down and when mom turned back around she found him eating the chicken on the floor! She was NOT happy! She had to use the "throw-up bar towels" to clean the mess Tommy made getting the chicken off the plate and down on the floor and dragging it over to a nice nomming spot.

Needless to say, mom learned a very important cooking lesson...never avert your gaze when there is chicken on a plate!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well Wednesday

Mom took me back to Dr. Jeff on Monday afternoon because she was so worried that I still couldn't eat or drink. He said my hydration was good since the treatment on Saturday but that we needed to get my appetite back so he called in a prescription for chicken flavored medicine that was supposed to stimulate my appetite...and it did! I'm still not sure what made me sick...I wonder if it was that spider I ate last week?

Mom didn't feed us right away when she got home tonight and I was so hungry I almost ate her walking shoes!

I don't think I need anymore of that chicken medicine squirted in my mouth...thank you very much.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kinda Sick

Hi Furry Friends. This is Shilgiah and my mom says I've been "a little bit under the weather". I'm not sure what that means. Anyway, about Tuesday, I started yakking up at night and then during the day while mom was at work. So, every day mom was cleaning up yak ups and worrying about me.

Also, I just didn't feel much like eating or drinking water or chasing Tommy through the house and playing "thundering herd of elephants" at night anymore. So, after not eating for two days on Thursday mid-day mom called Dr. Jeff my v.e.t. and she brought me in to him on Friday. By then I had quit eating entirely and just couldn't get myself to lap up even faucet water that I love.

I think I'll be fine with lots of rest.

So, when I went to see Dr. Jeff he pushed my tummy and looked up my nose and stuck a thermometer up my "Eeeuw"! I had lost a pound since my annual visit a month ago (which is not good) but Dr. Jeff said I didn't have a fever and didn't seem to be constipated. Then, he said it would be wise to get a blood sample and make sure my liver and kidneys and other stuff was o.k. Dr. Jeff said he would call mom back on Saturday morning and let her know the results of the blood test. Dr. Jeff also gave me a shot to help me stop throwing up.

The phone rang at 8:30 on Saturday morning and Dr. Jeff said that my liver and kidneys and other stuff was normal but that (not surprisingly, since I had been yakking up and not eating or drinking) I was dehydrated and that if mom could bring me in they would give me some sub-cutaneous fluid stuff to hydrate me and also another shot of the "anti-throw-up" medicine. So, once again she picked me up and put me in the cage to go "you-know-where"!!

Since yesterday, I think I'm doing a bit better. I'm still having trouble eating much but I've eaten a bit of fancy feast kitten food (mom thought it might be easier on my digestion), I've lapped up two servings of tuna juice, and sipped a little water from my favorite facet this morning. Oh, and on Saturday after I got home she made some turkey bacon, which she almost never makes and I got all interested and munched on a whole half a piece of it! It was very good!!

Mom is still kind of worried and will be talking to Dr. Jeff tomorrow morning. I think I'll be o.k. it's just that I still feel kind of yucky.

If you have any advice to help me help mom feel less anxious please let me know. I really just don't feel very interested in food or water.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hope's Strange Days

Hi Every Cat! Hope Here! Shilgiah and Tommy and Mom think I have been acting kind of strangely of late. They just don't understand that I am having more fun than I used to when I was all scared and hissy. Now, I'm more comfy even though sometimes I still hiss. I only hiss now because being so much smaller than my sibs, I have to show them that nobody messes with Little Miss Hope!!

I can even make myself invisible when I hide behind the curtain in the bedroom.

Occasionally, I peek out and look cute for mom.

At night-time my mom kind of gets exasperated with me. I can't understand why. You see, recently for a couple of weeks I have really needed some reassurance that my mom loves me. This urgent need for reassurance usually happens at about 2 a.m. in the morning. So, this is what I do...

First, I am very quiet so she won't wake up completely. Second, I come real close to her face and purr. Third, I butt my head on her forehead. Then, I rub my face against her hand until she pets me on my head. Finally, when she hides her hand under the covers, I tap it with my little front paw to let her know I still need some petting and love. I don't think that is so strange. All mom has to do is to be available to me for about an hour or so and then I will all be fine!

Oh, and it wasn't my fault the yellow dish washing gloves got all torn up. I saw a yellow monster hiding by the sink and dragged it to the floor and killed it. It wasn't my fault that the yellow dish washing gloves got holes in them while I was saving us from the Yellow Monster!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taos Again

Mom's going to Taos again...and she had better not come back smelling like Shadow the Inn Cat from The Sagebrush Inn! This summer when mom had to go up there for three days she came back with grey fur on some of her cloths and we didn't like it!

Although Shadow is a pretty girl and I don't mind if mom pets her just once, we had better get special treats when she comes home.

It's just a day trip and mom is presenting a "workshop" but I've told her that she'd better not come back smelling like alien cats from Taos!

Hope your week is filled with treats and happiness!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shilgiah is Nine!

I turned 9 on Thursday October 1st but we didn't celebrate my birthday until Saturday evening October 3rd. It was driving me crazy too because I knew that something was hidden in the study closet and I was sure if I tried really hard I could get the closet open and find out what it was.

If I could just push a little harder I was sure I could get it open...if only mom hadn't wedged the door shut with the stick we use to get our play mouses out from under the couch and the refrigerator!

Finally! Last night the mystery gift came out and Tommy helped me unwrap it. It was a corrugated cardboard kitty couch just for me.

Mom said I was the good kitty who never scratched the furniture. So, she thought I deserved my own scratchy couch to scratch on. I love it and enjoyed scratching and lounging! Thanks mom!

After I got my scratchy couch, mom opened the can of mac-n-jack (the special favorite birthday mackerel and skip jack food) and lit my birthday candle and sang to me. And after eating I got more presents...a feathers on a stick toy, a special high grade cat nip and a new halter. Mom says she is going to see if this year we can begin to take little walks outside like we did before we moved here.

Then, Mom put my red tiara on me for a picture but I quickly took it off in order to inspect it...

Humm, nice quality plastic...but where are the diamonds?

Have a wonderful week every cat and cat family!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Balcony is Open!

Ahhh! The sweet smell of night! As of Sunday our balcony is now officially open. See the new sun shade? Aunt A, our favorite aunt in the whole world, came over Sunday morning and spent a long time making sure our shade was safe for us and that we wouldn't be able to jump up and fall down three stories. You are the best Aunt A!!

This is a picture of the first evening in a long long time that we got to go out and say goodnight to the moon and stars and smell the nice nighttime smells.

Earlier in the day, this was taken from inside looking out toward the balcony. I think mom should just leave the door open all the time but she says sometimes it's too hot and sometimes it's too cold to leave it open all the time. Sheesh...we've waited long enough! It should be our call, don't you think?

This was midday Sunday. Right after Aunt A finished making our balcony cat safe. Oh, we are just so so so so happy!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Six is Awesome!

My birthday on the 17th was awesome! I got a feathery bird.

And I licked and licked the feathers till they were all soggy.

I got a sack full of fun things and my favorite Mac-n-Jack with a candle in it and mom sang to me. Then I shared my Mac-n-Jack with my sisters.

In the sack full of fun things was the funnest thing of tissue paper! Mmmm...I love how it crinkles and tears up so well.

Here is the sack full of fun things and the feather birdie before I made the bird soggy and before I tore into the sack.

And last but not least mom bought me a big bunch of fresh cat nip! Mmmmmm! Nip makes me happy.

Now, a neighbor also gave me a really nice shade that pulls up and down to put on the balcony and it will look beautiful there. Aunt A is gonna come over sometime this next weekend and help mom put it up because mom is hopelessly stupid when it comes to fix-it and build it stuff. All we have to do is put four or five hooks to hold the shade up and voila I will get my balcony back!!

And whether or not you are Jewish like mom, we want to wish you...L'Shanah Tovah...May you have a good and sweet New Year...Happy 5770!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi Tommy here. I am almost six years old! This Thursday is my birthday. Well, actually it's my gotcha day but since we really don't know my real birthday we celebrate it on my gotcha day.

A couple of days ago on Friday, mom took the day off and I thought it was so she could play and nap with us. Mid-morning she gave Shilgiah and Hope a special treat in the bedroom and closed the door. I thought that was pretty unfair but then what happened next was even more unfair. I haven't had reason to get in the carrier/torture chamber for quite awhile and I refused to go in so mom lifted me up in her arms and held my feet in one hand while she tilted the torture chamber up on an angle and lowered me into it. I didn't know what to do so I let out a chirp...not a twitter but a loud baby chicken sort of PEEP!! I had never done that before and my mom almost let go of me in her surprise...but she somehow got me in and closed the door.

All the way to Dr. Jeff's I pleaded and cried but to no avail. Anyway, I got stuck with a needle and then Dr. Jeff said what a handsome cat I was and looked in my eyes with his eye-looking-in-to-thing and then listened to my heart and chest and then palpated my tummy and patted me and let me get back in my carrier. I am in great shape except that I gained a little weight. Last year I weighed 20.60 lbs and this year I weigh 20.80 lbs.

Mom says I need more exercise but I think I'll just lay here and dream about my birthday. I want Tuna Juice and my favorite "Mac and Jack" which is Mackerel and Skipjack...and I don't want to wear a Party Hat but I would like Shilgiah and Hope to wear them.

But I want most of all for mom to get my balcony fixed, screened in so I can go out there and won't fall off the balcony and down three stories!

This is a picture from last year in September near my birthday. Then, we had screening on top and I loved my balcony! Mom says it's not her fault the owners won't put up new screening but she has some shade material that she is planning with some help to get up. Mom, how about Thursday Night! You could have a party for me and put up the shades. Please! Please!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat Sitting the Cousins

If you read William's blog, you know that his mom has gone on a vacation to see Russell's favorite Aunt L and while William's mom is gone Aunt M is going to Cat Sit the family.

Guess What?! Our mom is Aunt M. Actually, our mom and William's mom aren't really sisters like Aunt L and William's mom but they were very close neighbors who became good friends a long time ago when William was a very tiny boy. So, we call William's mom Aunt A and William and his cat sibs call our mom Aunt M.

Anyway, this week mom told us that she will be spending some extra time over at William's place making sure he and Olivia and Caroline and Russell and Gracie have fresh litter and tummy rubs and brushies and extra lap time and lots of food and water and that the birdie friends are fed and so forth.

This is a picture of Tommy and me enjoying the summer sun. As long as mom gives us tummy rubs and brushies and clean litter and food too we are very happy cats.

William's mom left this morning and our mom went over to check in on William from about 1:30 to 3:30 this afternoon and then came back here to do a few things like to feed us. Mom is going back over this evening for two or three more hours. Aunt A gets back next weekend so maybe we will get to see her after she has had a chance to love on her own fur babies for awhile.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Blue Birdie

This weekend mom brought out my old Blue Birdie feather toy and played with me for a long time in the living room while Tommy and Hope were snoozing in the study. It was a lot of fun and looked almost like this...

except this picture was taken about a year and a half ago but I look my same beautiful self. The blue birdie has lost a couple of the long white feathers but other than that my blue birdie looks the same now as then.

Have a wonderful week everyone...and may your people treat you to feather toy play as frequently as you wish.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

Hope is still enjoying being in the whole house 24/7 but we have discovered that we prefer a variety of sleeping arrangements depending with whom we are napping.

Tommy and I prefer to sleep near each other most of the time but if he starts stretching his big body out and hogging the bed I go elsewhere.

When Hope wants to sleep near me she prefers the "top bunk bed" style of napping. I don't mind if she naps above me as long as she doesn't decide to play "pounce on the sister". If Hope does that, I have to go and find another place to nap with a bit more solitude. That's when I usually go under the bed. It's too dark under there for mom to get a good picture of me.

Have a wonderfully nappy week everyone!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Hope

Hi! Hope Here...It's my turn to blog today and I have a lot to tell you!

As most of you know, I used to be semi-feral. I'm not sure what that means but Shilgiah told me it means I had to grow myself up and didn't have very many people or cats I could count on. But now, since I found my true and forever mom on January 20th 2009, I have a forever home and I am becoming quite socially adept. I've learned to play with my siblings without hissing very much and also I know how to play alone when they are busy snoozing.

The biggest news is that for the past 10 days I have been given nighttime privileges in the whole house! Used to be, I felt more secure being alone in my study at nighttime but on Friday the 31st of July mom asked if I wanted to try to stay together with Tommy, Shilgiah and her and I nodded and made myself comfy on the bed. It was fun being out with Tommy and Shilgiah. Sometimes they would play chase in the middle of the night but I, being the good girl of the family, didn't want to wake mom up so I would just watch...wink,wink. Then, last Sunday morning I almost got blamed for this!!!

Alright! Hope did you knock this down playing chase with your brother and sister?

Now Mom, how could I possibly knock down that vase with the good tasting leaves in it? I'm much too little. Perhaps you should inquire of my big (20lb) brother. He might have some ideas.

Then, I gave mom my best cutest sweet princess expression and purred. Whew! got away with that one...heeheehee.

I am such a happy little girl. And...I am a princess too...just like my big sister Shilgiah!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nothing Much Going On

It's not that we lead a boring life...but it's just been so hot around here lately that there is just nothing much going on. Take for example, this weekend. We slept late. We had breakfast...then a snack...then we had supper. Mom went out and came back, once with nothing and once with the usual groceries. The only thing that happened that was out of the ordinary was...

New Kitty Grass! Thanks Mom!

On Saturday afternoon the lady that lives downstairs came upstairs to help mom give each of us pedicures and manicures. Then we got special treats for being so good. Mom also got us new kitty grass. Of course, Tommy tends to prefer plastic plants (see the last entry), so mostly the kitty grass is for me and Hope.

Today mom and some friends took the tram to the top of Sandia Peak and they hiked around on some pretty trails for a few miles and enjoyed the flora and fauna. When mom came home she ironed clothes for work and fed us. That's about it. Like I said...Nothing much going on...think I'll take a nap...ZZzzzzzzzz...yawn...and don't forget to have a great week!...yawn again...ZZzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time for Tommy

Hi, Tommy here. Shilgiah said I could blog today since she wanted to take an extra long nap. It's been a pretty lazy weekend. Mom mostly stayed home except when she went out to get us more kitty food and kitty litter and some people food for herself.

Tommy, please don't eat the plastic fern. Why don't you nibble on the kitty grass?

May you all have a peaceful and happy week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Secrets from Shilgiah

My friend Delilah of the Monkeys gave me this wonderful "Seu blog e um sonho" Award. In English it means "Your blog is a dream"

The rules of this award are to share seven beauty secrets and then give the award to seven bloggers whom you think are deserving of this wonderful award.

My first beauty secret is whenever possible lay on some green grass and take in the beauty of the makes you beautiful too.

My second beauty secret is make friends with other species as well as your own. Friendship always makes you look prettier.

My third beauty secret is to request Tuna Juice from your mom at least once a week. It helps you keep your girlish figure.

My fourth beauty secret is to be sure to maintain an exercise regimen. I find the most fulfilling exercise involves chasing my brother through the house and/or wrestling with him at least twice a day (chasing through the house at 3 AM is especially fulfilling).

My fifth beauty secret is to nap with your mom at least once each weekend and purr in her ear. This may not make you instantly more beautiful but it often leads to beauty tip #3 (tuna juice).

My sixth beauty secret is to dream sweet dreams whenever and wherever you nap.

And my last beauty secret is to find a forever home that is safe and loving and wonderful. Then you will always have all the love you will need to keep you beautiful your whole life.

Now, I think all of the kitties in the blogosphere are beautiful and I would like to know their beauty secrets. So, I am passing this award on to any cat and all cats (even beautiful man cats) who would like to share their beauty secrets.

Have a beautiful week everyone!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Balcony Screen Thief

Up until mid-week last week we still had our balcony privileges. Seems like it has been months since mom told us we would not be able to go out anymore. The painters and people who were going to rob us of our screened in balcony have been working v..e..r..y s..l..o..w..l..y. Every morning when mom would let us out on the balcony she would say, "This may be the last time you three get to enjoy the fresh morning air like this". We actually had begun to think that maybe the management had a change of heart and would let us keep our wonderful screened in balcony.

Then Thursday while mom was out working, we heard and saw a man climb up a ladder and steal our screen right off the balcony! We tried to tell mom about it when she got home from work but she said she wasn't feeling well and went took a nap. She even forgot to feed us until after she woke up!

On Friday, mom stayed home because she was still not feeling very well. So, she slept late, dragged herself out of bed and fed us and then laid on the couch and went back to sleep.

Hope and I chatted for awhile in the living room. Hope thought it might be nice to go and sit on top of mom and purr on her some. I thought we should be quiet so she could rest and get better.

Then we heard a noise outside the bedroom window. It sounded like the ladder that the man who stole our balcony screen had used! Both Hope and I were scared but Tommy said he'd protect us and he wouldn't let any balcony-screen-thief take anything else of ours. Hope and I and Tommy walked toward the bedroom. The window looked strange. It was weird. Some light was coming in but we couldn't see through it.

See! We couldn't see out and there was a strange hissing sound from something outside. We were scared but mom woke up, came in and said not to worry and the reason we couldn't see out was because there was plastic covering up the window to protect it while the painters were painting. Hope and I were still scared but Tommy said he would go and investigate and if it was that balcony-screen-thief he would growl at him and scare him off the ladder.

When Tommy got up to try to look out a very loud and scary hissing sound happened! Tommy turned around, jumped straight up in the air and leaped through the air and half way across the room. I know we shouldn't have laughed but he did look very funny leaping across the bedroom!

The hissing sound was really just the spray paint hose thing the man was using to paint around the windows. It sounded like Hope with a megaphone...pretty scary!

Hope your week is happy and hiss free!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alien Cat from Taos

The Sagebrush Inn in Taos where mom stayed when she was away for her work retreat has always been friendly toward travelers' pets but it turns out they have acquired an Inn cat named "Shadow". Mom confessed to us that she had spent some time petting this little girl.

Turns out, one day about a year ago, this little bitty kitty walked into the Inn came around the check-in counter curled up under the front desk and promptly began purring and snoozing. The owner fell in love with her, took her to the vet for all the necessary shots and fixing and gave her a home at the Inn. According to staff, Shadow pretty much has the run of the place and enjoys being petted by just about every one. Mom said petting this little girl helped her not miss us so much during her absence. As long as she didn't bring the little girl home, petting is fine with me.

This is Shadow looking through the sagebrush at the Prairie Dog village behind the Inn. She does not eat or try to catch the Prairie Dogs but enjoys pouncing at lizards and other little things around the grounds. I think she has a pretty purple flea collar.

I'm a little jealous that I couldn't come and play with her and romp through the Prairie Dog village while mom was there.

May your week be filled with joyful things to do!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Vacation at Home

Before my mom left on Wednesday, I spent a little time with her while she fixed her hair and make-up. She told me that I was her very special little girl and that she knew I would have a great time with the sitter.

This is my favorite morning place to spend with my mom.

While she was gone I spent some time in my favorite nap place. I really liked the cat sitter. Turns out her name was Robyn not Robin. It's pronounced the same so maybe Hope would have been confused either way.

Hope had such fun playing! The arm in the picture is Robyn's little sister. She was so so fun and knew just how to get Hope to play!

Hope had so much fun playing that she asked mom if she could go away again sometime soon so Robyn could come back and be our cat sitter and bring her sister sometimes to play with us too!

When mom got home, she said she was too tired to unpack and that she would unpack "tomorrow". Well, Tommy was taking no chances and just in case mom thought she might go on another trip he decided to sleep on her suitcase all night to make sure she didn't go anywhere without him! He really liked our sitter but he likes mom best.

Hope all of you cats and people have a wonderful week to come!