Friday, December 25, 2009

My New Collar

Merry Christmas to all the kitties who are celebrating Christmas today! Hope you all got everything you wanted. We watched The Nutcracker on PBS this morning. Mom said I could post my favorite picture of my Hanukkah Collar that Aunt A made for me. I think it makes my white fur look especially dazzling...don't you?

I feel pretty...oh, so pretty...I feel pretty and witty and wise...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tired Tommy

Hanukkah was over Saturday and now Tommy is really tired.

Tommy dreaming of all the fun he had during Hanukkah

We had a great time with Aunt A on Friday evening when she came over. She brought us really wonderful handmade Hanukkah Collars and Hanukkah earrings for our mom and we got some really good pictures of them had a glitch in the picture department so we will get those pictures up soon. Hope and I looked very beautiful in our collars and Tommy looked mighty handsome and mom's earrings were stunningly cute! Thanks Aunt A!

May you all have a wonderful week to come!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hopes First Hanukah

We would have posted sooner but someone has been "busy"? Hint: Three letters--starts with "M" then an "O" and then another "m". Anyway, tonight I thought I would let Hope tell you about her experiences with yet another first in her life called Hanukah. She's had a lot since Jan. 20th when she found mom and us and decided to adopt us .

Hi, Hope here. At first, this first didn't seem like that big of a deal. I've seen mom light candles almost every friday night...but this was different. First, she lit candles and then she had this big candelabra she called a "Menorah" near the usual friday candles.

Mom lit one candle and said it was the "helper candle" that lights the other candles. Then she only lit one more. But the menorah could hold so many more candles...why just one? Mom said it's because we will add one light each night until all eight (plus the helper candle) are lit. Below is a picture of the candles on the first night when they were almost burned out.

O.K. So then I found out that watching the candles burn all down is not all there is to this holiday. Which is a good thing...cuz that would be pretty pitiful and boring. There are also some smells that come with the holiday. Mom makes something called Latkes. Basically they are "fried round greasy things" that any cat in its right mind would never want to even think about eating.

But, there is something else that is sort of fascinating. It's called a driedle. According to mom, children and sometimes grownups play a game with it. A driedle is a top that spins but when Tommy and Shilgiah showed me how they said the best way to play with it (since we don't have opposible thumbs) is to bat it.

I have to look real close to make sure it's on the side to give me "gimmel" so I can win.

O.K. I think I have it now! Here I go...whap! (Driedle zooms across the table and whacks the wall) I win!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and winning week!