Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just because you are dieting...we should suffer!

Hanukkah is over. The menorah has been put away. The dreidles have gone back to the driedle bag where they stay until next year. Mom told us last night that Hanukkah is now over and it's time to diet. I went and hid under the bed. You see, every year our mom goes back to her healthy (pronounced "Yucky") eating habits right after the Cholesterol Festival of Hanukkah.

You won't believe what mom did to Tommy. She opened the refrigerator and Tommy was right there waiting for something good to eat. We had already had our supper but sometimes during Holiday's we get other treats and sometimes people food. But Tommy had forgotten that the Holiday was over now(short term memory problems, I guess). Mom got a little pyrex dish down from the cupboard and put a spoonful or two of some white stuff in there. I, being the smarter sister, wasn't buying into the trick. I came out to take a peak and tried to warn Tommy...

Hey, Tommy! Do you know what that is?!

Tommy was half way done before I could get it out..."It's Cottage Cheese!!" Yucky...Yucky...Yucky!!! Guess my brother will eat anything!?

Happy Almost New Year Every One!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dreidle Games

Here is a picture of me coaching Tommy on the finer points of playing dreidle. It's very important to get gimmel (a letter on one of the four sides) because then you win.

People usually play for chocolate gelt but we play for temptations treats! I, Shilgiah the Huntress, am the gimmel champ of the cat kingdom!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Second Night of Hanukkah

Every night we add one more candle and watch from a safe distance of course. Tommy and I both like to watch the candles when we are not busy playing dreidle. Really, we play dreidle...maybe we'll show you tomorrow.

Mom, why are there three candles when it's only the second night?

That's a very good question, Tommy! That's because the taller candle is the Shamash, the helper candle we use to light all the other candles.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tommy's Turn

Hi! Tommy here. I want to clarify my sister's misrepresentation of my grocery sack adventure that occurred a couple of weeks ago. My sister seems to think it was very funny, however; if I wasn't such a manly cat I might well have become traumatized. Oh, and the evil grocery sack that caught me around the neck was one of those green cloth grocery sacks like the one shown a few entries ago. I'm way too scared (but in a manly way) of plastic sacks to ever attempt to get into one of them...Eeeek!

The other day I was resting in one of the dresser drawers because mom had left it open and it was there just waiting for someone my size to climb in. Mom turned around from looking in the closet and laughed at me! She said I was too big to fit. I beg to differ! I fit just fine...Thank you very much!

Oh, and then I got up on the kitchen table so I could have a better look at my inanimate bird friend Woody. After petting him on the beak mom walked in and said "You are not allowed to play up on the table, Tommy". Huh? Who's house is this anyway? I'm pretty sure my sister and I own the place.

Mom has been busy getting ready for Hanukkah and sewing nip pillows for some of our friends, so, we still haven't had enough time to come and visit all our blogging buddies. We asked mom if she could make enough nip pillows for all the cats in the blogosphere and she said that we have to limit our gift giving to relatives and special in town friends and mom wants to give some nip pillows to foster cats and to cats who are at the shelter.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Wow! Aunt A fixed mom's computer just for me so that I could start blogging again. She's the most wonderful Aunt in the entire world!

There are about a million things that have happened since I last posted but I'll just tell you about a couple of them.
1. It's been very cold and it's snowed and mom is all happy because it means she might get to ski sometime before too long. As for me, I much prefer snuggling up in between the pillows on mom's bed.
2. Two weeks ago Tommy was trying to climb into one of the empty grocery sacks and got the handle caught around his neck and got scared and started running through the house with the grocery sack flying behind him like a parachute and mom "calmly" trying to slow him down so she could extricate him from the sack. I just sat there and laughed he looked so silly.

Tommy and I will try to stop by your blogs as soon as we can and catch up on all the things you folks have been up to lately. See you soon.