Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthdays... Birthdays... Birthdays

September 17th was my brother Tommy's 5th Birthday. October 1st, this Wednesday, will be my 8th Birthday. Tonight begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which according to our mom is by legend called "The Birthday of the World". When I asked how old the world was mom said the Jewish Calendar says this year begins 5769 but really the world is billions of years old. I had started to feel very old the last few days but now that I know the world is very very very very much older, I feel like a young kitty again.

Happy Birthday World! Happy New Year!

And to all cats and people everywhere, L'Shanah Tovah U'Metukah, which means May you have a Good and Sweet New Year.

Your friends,
Shilgiah, Tommy and our Mom

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tommy Was Five on Wednesday

Wednesday the 17th of September was Tommy's Fifth Birthday! He has been with mom and me for two years now. The V.E.T. guessed he was about 3 years old when he found us.

So, on Wednesday morning, mom gave us Tuna Juice for breakfast and said she would bring Tommy a surprise home for his birthday dinner. After what seemed like ten or eleven thousand hours mom brought home some Mac and Jack (Skipjack and Mackerel) our favorite kind of soft kitty food that we hardly ever get because it costs lots of monies. We both got some for supper that night. Mom also bought Tommy some new fresh kitty grass and he has been very generous and lets me share it with him.

I'm glad Tommy is my brother.

Monday, September 15, 2008

No Bears in Sight

Reconnecting with nature is nice as long as there are no bears. Our mom went on a walk with some friends on top of her favorite mountain where she likes to ski in the wintertime. At one point in the walk she heard something in the undergrowth near the path. Suddenly, from the other side of a tree two young squirrels appeared and were romping and chasing each other all over the hillside.

I would have had fun playing chase with the squirrels if mom had let me come along! I probably would have climbed some of the trees too.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Timout is No Fun

Hi everyone, this is Tommy and I want to tell you about an awful thing my mom did to me. She called it time out! It is very very bad! She got mad because I was just putting Shilgiah in her place and letting her know who is (or at least should be) the boss around here. How I do this is by kind of meowing loud and coming up to her and biting her on the back. It's a game called "Say Uncle". Now, it's important to know I don't break any skin. I just put my teethies around the fur near her neck and just stand there until she cries "uncle". Of course, all my mom hears is Shilgiah's pitiful kitty cry. So mom got really mad and said it was time for me to go on a time out.

So, she put me in the bedroom and closed the door. I could feel under the door and Shilgiah came up and told me she was sorry she made such a ruckus about my playing "Say Uncle". Finally, mom opened the door and asked if I was ready to be a good kitty.

I'm not sure...I think I may need to stay here for awhile longer.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Timeless Mom Time

On Friday when mom got home from work she took off her watch, sighed and said "I'm not putting this thing back on for three whole days!" It has been a wonderful restful time with our mom.

Doing my part to help mom stay timeless, or at least watchless.