Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hope's Ordeal

Hi Everycat! This is Hope and I got permission from Shilgiah to blog today. It's been a week now since the big ordeal and I'm much better. In checking out the pictures, I decided to leave out the really gross ones. This first picture was taken when I first got home from the vet last weekend and had the awful torture cone around my neck! I was not happy...not one bit.

The stupid plastic head cone was heavier than it looked because I couldn't hold my head up right when I tried to walk. So, I had to back up everywhere in order not to scare myself silly.

Below is a picture of the study that mom converted into a recuperation room. If you look carefully, you can see me with the torture head dress on. In all fairness, mom took it off for short periods of time that first night in order for me to eat a little and do my business in my litter box. But if I begin to lick at the abscess she put it right back on. But, I only had to wear the awful plastic cone for two days. Then, she put it back on me when she had give me a pill because I would spit it out and run! Then she would stick the plastic cone on and stuff the pill down my throat!

I was able to scratch her hands up pretty good during pill time for most of the week. Finally, on Friday mom came home with something Shilgiah told me was "not kosher" but that mom said might prevent her hands from being assaulted further.

So, anyway mom cut my evening pill into quarters and opened the little jar and put a little of the contents on a spoon and stuck a pill chip in the squishy-heavenly-smelling-stuff-on-the-spoon! It is the Yummiest Stuff I ever tasted and in no time flat, the four pill chips magically were gone and I even got an extra spoonful or three! I have to continue the pills until Tuesday evening. Mom, you'd better buy some more jars of that yummy stuff. I don't want to run out. Can you guess what that stuff is, my friends?

It's HAM! Baby Food HAM! Mom remembered reading that many of the blogging kitties liked HAM but since we're Jewish she had never thought to get any for Tommy or Shilgiah. It took my hand shredding for her to get the stuff. Mom even let Tommy and Shilgiah have a taste. Forget the kosher bit mom we all want HAM in the morning, HAM in the evening and HAM for snacks all the time!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


It's all my fault that Hope had to go to the Vet Hospital and that they had to shave her back leg and fix the abscess that happened because we were playing one day and I accidentally batted her on her thigh. I'm so sorry Hope! Mom said the nice lady vet at the VCA gave Hope pain medicine and some for mom to bring home along with antibiotics and instructions for doing warm compresses so the abscess would continue to drain. Mom stayed up all night with her in the study. Hope had to wear this cone around her neck that made her very unhappy. Today mom stayed home because she didn't feel so good herself (I'm guessing exhaustion) and to continue caring for Hope.

I feel so guilty! I really like my new sister and would never hurt her on purpose.

Hope is much better today and got to take the icky collar off and run around the study and the living room and she got Tuna Juice and all the soft canned Salmon Kitty Food she wanted. Mom took a long nap and feels better too. I feel better because I talked to Hope through the door to the study and told her how sorry I was for making her hurt and she said she understood and knew I didn't mean to hurt her. She also said I shouldn't give mom a hard time when she wants to trim my nails. I'll try not to...really I will.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grey Kitty

So, maybe Hope has been known as "Little Miss Hissy Fit" but for the last nearly two and a half weeks she has been doing much much better. Hardly ever a Hiss. Occasionally, there will be this sound coming from deep in her throat. It sounds like she's a tad exasperated but the hissing has generally gotten way better...or so I thought until today.

Tommy and I and Hope were resting in the living room catching some rays coming in the front window. Hope was lying up in her favorite spot on top of the little couch when all of a sudden she started hissing and hissing and growling. It made my fur stand up on end and get all puffy. She wasn't looking at us so we didn't know what she was so upset about. Then, I saw it. A Big Grey Kitty...sitting right on my favorite floor painting.

Oh no! A Grey Kitty in our house!!

Hope kept hissing at the Grey Kitty until mom came out from the study and said "Why are you hissing at your shadow Hope!"

Whew! We were all so glad it was just a shadow and not a new sibling!!

Have a wonderful week my friends!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Purim

Happy Purim! Mom spent most of the day helping to run the Purim Carnival at the Synagogue. So, while she was gone I decided to explain to Hope all about Purim. It boils down to it's a time to dress up in masquerade costumes and eat lots of triangular shaped cookies called Hamentashen and to make Noise Noise Noise! Interestingly, mom was in charge of the "Silent Auction". Go Figure?

Who is this masked beauty?

Hehehehe...It's Me!

I like my blue boa but unfortunately I need people to help me make noise with the grogger.

A grogger is a much more pleasant noise than my sister's suppertime imitation of a screaming banshee.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shilgiah's Sunday

I had fun this weekend. Tommy and I played chase through the house several times. Hope hasn't joined in that fun yet, but she is beginning to play chase with foam kitty golf balls. Then, mom put up my favorite toy. It's a feather-butt mousie on an elastic string that hangs from a thing attached to the top of the door. It is so so so so fun!! It's kind of hard to see in the picture below but you can take it from me, it is ever so relaxing and entertaining.

I can really get that mousie swinging if I bat it just right.

Then, just when I was getting all tired out, mom brought in some warm clothes from the dryer.

The best napping ever is on warm clothes just out of the dryer. Ahhh...zzzzzzz.

May you all have a wonderfully happy week to come.