Monday, June 30, 2008

Can't Blog Right Now

Hello again Every cat,
There is a visitor hold up in our study, so mom says we can't go in there and blog for a little while. The visitor is of the feline variety and is a little calico (6 lbs and about 6 months) and mom and some neighbors are trying to find a foster home through one of the no kill pet groups in town. Mom found the little fur ball stuck up a tree yesterday. Neighbors had said they had seen her all on her own for a couple of months and mom had seen her for a couple of weeks from time to time. Anyway, mom took her to VCA and they checked her out and she got shots and blood tests. She seems in good health according to the VET but won't know if she is totally o.k. until the blood tests come back. In the meantime, the little cat has to stay away from us. So, mom put the little fur ball in our study and got her her own little litter box and fixed her a little bed. Tommy and I will keep you posted when we can.

Take Care friends and Have a Great Week!
You friends Shilgiah and Tommy

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mom is Not Really a Big Meanie

Hi Every Cat,
Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions on ridding our lives of the evil blue and green balls. Especially we liked the idea of putting mom's food in there and of throwing up on the evil balls.

Mom told me last night that I was being overly dramatic about our food plight and I needed to explain that she was Not Really the Big Meanie that I portrayed her to be in the last blog.

Yes, we still have the evil blue ball and the evil green ball but the truth is mom feeds us our soft Fancy Feast food just like always and our Crunchy Wellness food is put in our black porcelain bowls at night time before she goes to sleep.

It's just during the day time while mom is away hunting that she now picks up our black porcelain crunchy food bowls and tells us that we need to get daytime food from our evil blue and green balls.

One other clarification. The food spitting evil balls really have three different sizes of hole in them and can be adjusted (by anyone with opposable thumbs) to any of the three sizes. Mom has ours adjusted to the biggest hole that lets out about ten or twenty crunchies at one whack (if it's a pretty hard whack).

So we really aren't being mistreated. Mom just doesn't want us to overeat, like someone, let's call him Tommy, tends to do.

Mom's going to be gone on a work "retreat" the rest of this week from Wednesday early thirty until Friday evening but a nice person and friend is coming to take care of us and Mom promises we will have our black porcelain bowls filled all the time while she is gone and has instructions to give us extra treats whenever we ask for them.

Thanks again for your comments,
Shilgiah and Tommy

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Evil Blue Ball

Here is the evil blue ball *shudder* that I said I would tell you about. It looks innocent enough doesn't it? Inside it has crunchies. Sounds good. Right? Now, here's the rub. This evil blue ball is supposed to replace our wonderful black porcelain kitty bowls that are filled every morning with Wellness Indoor Kitty Food. Our mom began using the blue ball last weekend and even bought another green one. So we now have two evil balls!! Each ball can fit 2/3rds of a cup of kitty food. That's how much we usually eat but really!! The indignity!! What is she thinking!!! We have to hunt for our food now?!?! I think not!!!

So, this evil blue ball and it's brother green ball (not shown here), came with instructions. Oh, the evil blue and green balls are made by a company in Canada called "Multivet International Inc" and the ball is called "SlimCat". Inside the pamphlet, which is written in six languages, for meowing out loud, is the following introduction:
"The idea behind the "SlimCat"(Tm) ball is to distribute an adjustable quantity of food to your cat through his interaction with the ball. An enriched environment and proper feeding habits are Slimcat's ultimate goal. Being in good mental and physical health will reduce your cat's undesirable behaviors."

What are they talking about?! "Undesirable Behaviors??!!" We nap, we play, we have toys...lots and lots of toys. Why do we need to chase those evil food balls all over the place to get a nibble or two! This is really unfair!

We have been trying to think what to do to rid the house of these evil food spitting balls, but so far, the best we've come up with is to make sure we spread and move some of the evil ball's food near where mom gets up in the morning cuz she usually has her eyes closed till she has her first cup of coffee. But all mom has done is to cuss a bit and the evil blue ball as well as the evil green one are still here.

Can you cats out there help us? If you have any ideas what we can do to make mom get rid of this food contraption please let us know!! Thanks!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy Bones

It seems to have become a habit. At first mom thought it was just because she was so busy and/or lazy but we haven't blogged AGAIN for a whole week. After thinking about it and having a chat we decided we were ALL lazy bones and that maybe that was alright sometimes. So, we've decided that we will not feel bad if we only blog once a week for awhile.

Tommy hogging the rocky hammock and Me in my Tent napping

Next time we post we'll tell you about the evil blue ball that spits out cat food! You'd think it was something good...but we don't think so.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Tommy and I are so embarrassed that we haven't blogged since last month! And it's already eight days into June. Also, a million years ago Russell tagged us to do a meme.

Tommy hiding his face in shame.

Thanks Russell. Sorry we've been so slow. Here are the rules: Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 4 or 5 cats and posts their names. Then be sure to go to the cats you tagged and let them know that you tagged them. Let the cat who tagged you know when you have posted your answers.
1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Tommy: I'm four years old so I wasn't me 10 years ago.
Shilgiah: I'm seven years but I think maybe this is my second of 9 lives but I can't remember what I was doing 10 years ago if I had another life.

2. Five things on my to do list for today.
Tommy: Lay in my rocky thing-Push Shilgiah out of sunspot where she is napping-Nap in sunspot-slobber on my favorite old nip pillow-catch fly on the balcony.
Shilgiah: Snuggle up to mom and purr in her ear to wake her up-sit on kitchen rug and politely meow for morning treats-lay in sunspot-get pushed off of sunspot by Tommy-bite Tommy's butt fur.
3. Snacks I enjoy.
Tommy: Temptations, Whisker Lickin's, Goodlife Recipe
Shilgiah: What Tommy said plus TUNA Juice and Kitty Grass mom pots for us.
4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
Tommy: I'm not sure...probably buy the worlds supply of Cat Nip and share it with all my blogging friends.
Shilgiah: I would buy a huge mansion and let mom stay there (but it would be mine all mine). Then I would get all the kitties from everywhere in the world who don't have homes (or who live with mean and bad people) and bring them to the big mansion and there would be lots of wonderful kitty condos and stairs and fun things to play with and do and we'd also have all the healthy and good tasting kitty food in the world and I'd make sure we had several human maids to clean up the kitty litter and clean house so mom would have time just to play with me and Tommy. Oh, we'd also have extra staff so that all the kitties would get lots of attention and playing with...cuz I don't want to always share my mom with others. Oh, one more thing we would have a huge enclosed and safe-to-play-in back yard so we could go out and romp without worry of coyotes or other scary things.
5. Three of my bad habits.
Tommy: Biting mom when she tries to clip my nails-Biting mom when she tries to brush my fur-biting my sister's head when we wrestle.
Shilgiah: Biting my brothers butt fur-chasing my brother through the house-hiding and pouncing on my brother when he walks by.
6. Five places I have lived.
Tommy: With a man from another state who came to Albuquerque and then abandoned me in Albuquerque-In the bushes at the apartment complex after the man left-very briefly in another apartment of college boys one of whom was allergic to me-with my new sister Shilgiah and my forever mom where I live now!
Shilgiah: With a college student who moved away and left me to fend for myself-In the big park where the coyotes roamed early in the morning-then I found my forever mom and lived inside next to that park-then we moved to another place where I found my new brother Tommy.
7. Five jobs I have had.
Tommy: One very important job I have is to make my mom laugh by being such a cute big boy.
Shilgiah: My job is to ensure that mom has time to pet me and brush me and talk with me and love me because it's good for lowering blood pressure and keeping her sane in the crazy work least that's what mom tells me.

O.K. I think probably everyone in the cat blogosphere has done this meme but if by chance you have not had a chance to do it, please feel free to join the fun.