Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sometimes for no particular reason at all...

I like to sit and stare at my shadow.

Have a Happy Week Everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Obsession With Q-Tips

Hope is doing fine and the Kitty Tooth Fairy did come and leave her a nip laced mousie and more of her favorite Gerber's meat baby food. She is soooo spoiled! But enough of her shenanigans, it's my turn to brag about my prowess with playing ever so carefully with Q-Tips.

I have loved Q-Tips from the first time I set eyes on them when I first found my mom. It didn't take her long to realize she could not leave them in plain sight if she didn't want me to slobber all over them and try to play "pick up sticks" with them.

I enjoy sitting up by the bathroom sink while mom is getting ready for work. I know there are Q-Tips inside a mirrored medicine cabinet with other things mom gets out of there but I have never had the chance to get my paws on them long enough to play.

Finally, just the other day mom didn't quite close the medicine cabinet tightly enough and when she went to the kitchen for a moment to get filtered water for her vitamins and other stuff she takes to keep her healthy, I saw my chance. I pulled, ever so gently, on the cabinet door and voila! it came open and quick as a bunny I grabbed the Q-Tip container with my paw fell down on the little red stool and floor.

I was very excited and ready to play but mom was not so thrilled! Hey, all this time while Hope has been recuperating I have been so so so good. You'd think mom would be happy to see me being playful. Really all you cats...Q-Tips are great fun to play with!!! You should try them sometime.

May the week to come bring every cat great fun playing whatever you like to play best!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where is the Kitty Tooth Fairy?

Well, Hope came home from the vet almost a week ago on Monday the 8th. She was all wobbly from the anesthetic, but we were kind to her and didn't hiss or act troll-like. She kind of looked like a drunken sailor. It would have been funny if we hadn't felt so sorry for her. You see, the vet had indeed stolen a tooth from the back of her mouth. However, he gave it back to mom in a little plastic bag. I was wondering why he would give the tooth back to mom. Then, I overheard Aunt A telling mom that maybe she could put it under Hope's pillow for the tooth fairy!

Hope was on pain medication most of the week and so mom forgot all about putting the tooth out for the kitty tooth fairy to take and leave some wonderful treat. During the week when she had to have the pain medication, right after that mom would give me Gerber Baby Food...Beef and Chicken and Turkey!!

Hope, now that you are feeling better why don't you demand that mom put the tooth out under the pillows on the bed so the tooth fairy can find it and leave you something?

Oh, that's a good idea Shilgiah...Mom...oh, Mom...

Mom said I have to be asleep before the tooth fairy comes. O.K. I'm asleep now and waiting for the tooth fairy to come. I would like her to bring me more Gerber Baby Food...especially turkey and beef and chicken!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hope's Dental Appointment

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 Hope has an appointment to get some dental work done. She needs her teeth cleaned but also Dr. Jeff thinks she may need a tooth removed that looks infected. This means that she can't have any food after 9PM and no water after 7AM. Her appointment is at 7:30AM. Of course, since she has to go foodless after nine, so do we. Mom told me that at 7AM she will put Tommy and Me in the back room and put our kibble and water there. Then she will take Hope to the Vet. She will be there all day but we hope Hope will come home when mom comes home from work.

Hope is happily oblivious about her upcoming ordeal.

Have a great week everyone...and try to snuggle with your people and stay warm!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Old Mom of the Mountain

Mom turned another year older today. For an old lady she still gets around pretty well. In fact she really loves skiing. She took the day off today but didn't go skiing because it was snowing. Now that she is kind of old, she only likes to ski when the snow has stopped falling and the sun comes out. Here is a picture of the view of Sandia Peak as seen from our apartment. The ski area is on the other side of the mountain. It's about 10 minutes to the tram and then she rides up the tram (another 15 minutes) and is at the top of the cool little ski area!

This picture of the mountain was taken a few weeks ago.

Look at how mom dresses when she goes skiing! When Hope first saw her in this getup she ran and hid. Mom does look kind of scary with the helmet and goggles on.

But really, we think she'd look better without the ugly orange helmet. Her response is that she'd just as soon keep her head warm and her brains intact if she were to fall.

Mom is more scared of driving in the snow than skiing in it. Tomorrow she has to drive up to Northern New Mexico for work...not pleasure. She won't be back till Friday evening. So, our Cat Sitter Robyn is coming to take care of us until she gets back.

She kind of hopes her boss will cancel the trip but there is only a slim chance the trip may be canceled but only if the highway to Santa Fe is closed at La Bajada hill tomorrow morning.

Hope all of you have a great last couple of days in your week.

Update: Mom's boss did cancel the trip Thursday morning because there were very treacherous roads filled with slippery ice where she was going to go. Mom is very happy the trip was canceled. We will miss having Robyn but she will come another time.