Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Cat Fix It Place

I was having a wonderful dream that I was outside once again hunting the elusive blue tailed lizard. Then in the middle of the dream, I heard mom pick up Tommy and put him back in the bedroom. Half asleep, I smiled to myself and thought, "That's what he gets for whining so loudly for mom to open the balcony door when it's at least a squillion degrees below zero out there." Then, mom picked me up hugged me and walked toward the study and stuffed me into my cat carrier saying, "I'm sorry sweetie pea, but we have to go see Dr. Jeff about you biting your little tiny tail so much". HOW RUDE! I hadn't even gotten a chance to wake up enough to fight off the indignity of being stuck in the evil cat carrier! When we got to the Cat Fix It Place it was the new place mom had been telling me about. It pretty much smelled the same though. Don't get me wrong I love my Dr. Jeff unless he is poking me with needles. Well, turns out I had plugged up anal glands and I'll tell you having somebody squeeze your tushy is just about as bad as needles getting stuck into your fur. I do feel better now and when I got home Tommy even licked my ears and neck a little.

O.K. so this was the dream I had before I was so rudely stuffed into the cat carrier to go to the cat fix it place. When I was an orphan I used to go out and stalk doves and hunt for the elusive blue tailed lizard. I would try and stalk doves but wasn't very good at catching them. It was fun though to see them fly way up high when I got close. I also wasn't very good at catching blue tailed lizards but they are so fast and fun to run after that I never gave up trying. I had been a orphan for a while and it was starting to get very cold at night and luckily I picked out a really nice person to adopt me. One day I climbed into this lady's back porch and up to the glass doors and brought her a little sparrow. Well, she quickly opened the door, picked me up and yelled at me, "SPIT THAT OUT" so I did and she left me in the house and went to see if the little bird was O.K. Turns out I had carried it very gently and it was just a tad traumatized and rested for a minute and then flew away. The nice lady, who was to become my mom (she just didn't know this yet) came back inside. I was a little scared cuz she had yelled at me but then she smiled and gently said, "I know it's your nature, but we don't eat little birds in this house." So, after she adopted me she took me on lots of walks with my harness. She would even let me stalk the dove and the elusive blue tailed lizard (birds and lizards are friends not food). She said it was O.K. to stalk because this might keep the doves and lizards on their toes so other animals who didn't know that they shouldn't eat them would be less successful at catching them. I miss hunting but it was a nice dream even though I was so rudely interupted.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chinese Food and a Movie

Yesterday mom went out for Chinese food and a movie. We celebrate Chanukkah at our house so for eight nights mom lights candles. One more each night. Friday the 22nd was the last night of Chanukkah this year. Tommy and I love watching the lights glow and we are very careful not to get our whiskers or any other furry parts too close to the flames.
I love Chanukkah! Don't you think the lights make my fur coat even brighter? Mom says I'm the prettiest girl in the world. Who could argue with that?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Toothy Tuesday

These are my toothies. Mom once got me a tooth brush and some supposedly "good tasting" salmon flavored toothpaste. Blech!! She would try to brush my teeth in the morning when she brushed her own teeth. I like to sit on the counter while she is doing all that stuff but no way am I gonna let her stick a tooth brush in my mouth. So, in order to get my point across I would ever so gently bite her hand. She says drawing blood is not "ever so gently".

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Now Where is Tommy's Litter Box?

Mom's been busy all weekend washing and cleaning and scrubbing and
other such nonsense. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, when Tommy
first moved in he had to stay in the study for two weeks. Anyway, he
had his own litter box in the study and it had a cat cabana covering it
and mom had but an old Twister plastic game sheet under the litter box.
So, after Tommy got to be in the whole place Mom still left the litter
box with the cabana cover and the twister game underneath it in the
study. I think she did that so in case we wanted to chase each other
around the cat cabana or play Twister during the day while she was gone
to work we could. But this weekend the cat cabana,the litter box and
the Twister game underneath disappeared!! I still my old litter box in
it's usual place in the says it's easier to move my
little roundbooda dome litter box in and out of the tub every day (so
she can shower) and to keep it clean that to keep Tommy's big one in
the study. Tommy doesn't like the littlebooda litter box much because
he's so big his head sticks out too far. And I liked to play Twister
and chase Tommy around his litter box. I want it back and so does
Tommy! Mom said she'll think about it after the holidays. That doesn't
seem fair.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can I blog today?

Mom, can I please blog tonight? I promise I'll wear my collar again...for at least 15 seconds. Last night when I asked my mom, she said it was too late and so I didn't get to post my Toothy Tuesday or Tummy Tuesday pictures. Mom promised next Tuesday she'll remember. I'm holding her to that.
This is me looking out of my new apartment's front window. I think it was September right after we got Tommy and he was still hanging out in the study. I'm actually glad I have someone to play with and besides, mom usually gets more peeved with him than she does with me. Mom really really really doesn't like whining and Tommy is very very very LOUD and he WHINES HORRIBLY when he asks for stuff. When I ask I'm so cute and sweet and use two syllable words and mom just melts and she usually gives me my own way.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunspots and TV Shows

It was a nice weekend. Tommy and I slept in afternoon sunspots.

Then we played and wrestled. I call this Shilgiah the flying cat. I won that round...

Then, Tommy watched a Nature Show on TV. He got all excited because there was a ferret on the program.
All in all, it was a very good weekend.

Friday, December 8, 2006

My Brother Tommy

When my brother first came to live with us he stayed in the study for two weeks because he was a little sick and had to take some antibiotics. So when mom was gone to work I he and I would talk with each other through the door and there was room for us to stick our paws under the door and touch each other. Then, when he was well mom opened the door and we got to see each other. I think I like him now...even though we wrestle a lot. Here he is sleeping in the bedroom. I hadn't allowed him up on the bed yet.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Supper came late last night. Mom didn't get home until way late and she was cranky. What she calls work has been crazy lately. That was her excuse anyway. The only up side of this was she gave us extra stinky goodness. Such a good idea. Food to compensate for her lack of attention. Before long Tommy, who currently weighs a ton (well 15.8lbs) will be so big he won't be able to fit in the cat carrier.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Weekends are Too Short

Mom always says weekends are too short. Aren't they the same number of naps as all other days? This weekend when mom did the wash she put the fresh towels right out of the dryer onto the bed like she always does and I ran to help her fold by laying on them. Tommy climbed up on the bed too and gave me a nice face,neck and ear bath with his tongue. Mom didn't get a picture cuz she had taken the last picture. She's going to get a digital soon. I don't think I'll like that cuz she'll probably be taking pictures all the time!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Say Cheese

William's mom is a genius! She helped my mom get this picture up. Thank you Aunt A. This is me at my old park.

A path less traveled

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who's confused?

My mom was really weird this morning. I generally have her well trained. She wakes up every morning just before the alarm goes off at 4:40AM and makes the bed then fixes us our morning soft food (Stinky goodness Cod, Sole and Shrimp feast is my favorite). Then she pours herself a cup of coffee and sort of stares at the TV while they talk about the weather. Well, this morning we were all toasty and curled up in bed with her and she woke up, opened one eye and looked at the clock, got up, made the bed, went out to the kitchen and got our cat food out and said "Oh no the coffee didn't come on yet...oh *&%$ I hope it's not broken!"...then she put our food in our bowls, put her glasses on and said "Oh no, it's only 3:40 not 4:40!" and get this she put our food in the refrigerator and said lets go back to bed for an hour. That was soo not fair! Who could sleep again after that? Mom did apologize once she got up again but I was still miffed. Oh, and Mom promises she'll figure out how to get my pictures on my blog by this weekend. We shall see...We shall see.

Monday, November 27, 2006

One more time. Where are my pictures?

Hello again. I tried to fix the last post but somehow couldn't. Perhaps I shouldn't have said that mean thing about my mom not being too bright. Anyway, what I was said very tiny like was that Mom hasn't yet figured out quite how to get my pictures on this blog. But if you want to see a picture of me you can go to my cousin William's blog and go to the Jan. 31,2005 archives under "My Brother's Sweetie Pea." and see me there. I haven't aged a bit. Happy Naps to You Until We Meet Again (mom says that's an old Roy Rodgers song or something). Gosh, she must be a squillian years old!! Later my new cat friends.

Where are my photos????

My mom has almost figured out how to get my pictures onto my blog...big sigh...but I think she accidentally sent them to Australia! Shh... don't tell... she's not too bright. If I only had thumbs! If you want to see my picture right now, you can go to my cousin William's blog and go to the Jan 31, 05 Archives under "My Brother's Sweetie Pea." and see me. I haven't aged a bit.
Also, no telling how long it will take mom to figure out how to get links of my new cat friends up on my blog, but thank you who have visited. I may need help understanding and controlling my brother and I'll bet you all have some good advice. Later my new friends.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Locked in the Closet

My mom is so jumpy that when she can't see where I am every 20 seconds she runs around through the house calling for me in an ever increasingly panicy voice. It's kind of amusing sometimes. Especially since Tommy and I don't wear collars anymore and she can't hear where we are as well so she's always looking for me or my brother. So anyway, this afternoon she was working and forgot to look and then she saw Tommy sitting outside the bathroom closet and I heard him plainly say "My sister is inside there aren't you going to let her out?" but Mom just asked why he was sitting there and went back to work. About a hundred years later, well probably about a half hour, Mom said "Shilgiah, where are you?" and of course I never answer when she calls (it's a girl cat thing) so she starts panicing and running around the apartment looking in all my hiding places and Tommy's still sitting outside the closet saying "Why don't you look in there?" Finally, Mom opens the door and I'm sitting there and does she scoop me up and kiss me and tell me how sorry she is? Nooo, she picks up Tommy and kisses him and thanks him for telling her where I was. All she said to me was that I needed to be careful and not get myself locked in closets. Humpf!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Kitty in the Blogosphere

Hello. My name is Shilgiah. I am a very beautiful white stumpy manx kitty. If my mom ever figures out how to get pictures on my blog I'll show you my beautiful self. I was left to fend for myself in a park where coyotes roamed early in the mornings and eventually found my Mom and adopted her six years ago. I have been an indoor cat for the past five years but Mom and I went for "walkies" outside as long as I wore my harness. We would even search for the elusive blue tailed lizard and one day someone walking in the park next to my hunting place said "my, she's quite a huntress"! That's me! Shilgiah the Huntress. Only we moved to another apartment in August and I can't go outside anymore cuz there are too many unsupervised woofies and a few spooky humans too. I am not happy.

However, I recently acquired a new brother whose about three years old. His name is Tommy. I feel rather ambivalent about him. That is, some days I kind of like him and others I really really really hate him. Mom says he will be good for me to have a sibling for a playmate. The only good thing he has showed me thus far is how to remove my collar within 2 seconds. We had to do that 20 times every day for about two weeks before Mom gave up and said we didn't have to wear them.

Oh, I also have an Aunt A and cousins named William, Olivia, Caroline and Eddie. I'm in love with Eddie and he used be my upstairs neighbor when I first adopted mom.

Mom says I have to stop now because she keeps losing the dial up connection. I'll try to learn to be more succinct in the future. As soon as mom learns to post pictures.