Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time for Tommy

Hi, Tommy here. Shilgiah said I could blog today since she wanted to take an extra long nap. It's been a pretty lazy weekend. Mom mostly stayed home except when she went out to get us more kitty food and kitty litter and some people food for herself.

Tommy, please don't eat the plastic fern. Why don't you nibble on the kitty grass?

May you all have a peaceful and happy week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Secrets from Shilgiah

My friend Delilah of the Monkeys gave me this wonderful "Seu blog e um sonho" Award. In English it means "Your blog is a dream"

The rules of this award are to share seven beauty secrets and then give the award to seven bloggers whom you think are deserving of this wonderful award.

My first beauty secret is whenever possible lay on some green grass and take in the beauty of the makes you beautiful too.

My second beauty secret is make friends with other species as well as your own. Friendship always makes you look prettier.

My third beauty secret is to request Tuna Juice from your mom at least once a week. It helps you keep your girlish figure.

My fourth beauty secret is to be sure to maintain an exercise regimen. I find the most fulfilling exercise involves chasing my brother through the house and/or wrestling with him at least twice a day (chasing through the house at 3 AM is especially fulfilling).

My fifth beauty secret is to nap with your mom at least once each weekend and purr in her ear. This may not make you instantly more beautiful but it often leads to beauty tip #3 (tuna juice).

My sixth beauty secret is to dream sweet dreams whenever and wherever you nap.

And my last beauty secret is to find a forever home that is safe and loving and wonderful. Then you will always have all the love you will need to keep you beautiful your whole life.

Now, I think all of the kitties in the blogosphere are beautiful and I would like to know their beauty secrets. So, I am passing this award on to any cat and all cats (even beautiful man cats) who would like to share their beauty secrets.

Have a beautiful week everyone!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Balcony Screen Thief

Up until mid-week last week we still had our balcony privileges. Seems like it has been months since mom told us we would not be able to go out anymore. The painters and people who were going to rob us of our screened in balcony have been working v..e..r..y s..l..o..w..l..y. Every morning when mom would let us out on the balcony she would say, "This may be the last time you three get to enjoy the fresh morning air like this". We actually had begun to think that maybe the management had a change of heart and would let us keep our wonderful screened in balcony.

Then Thursday while mom was out working, we heard and saw a man climb up a ladder and steal our screen right off the balcony! We tried to tell mom about it when she got home from work but she said she wasn't feeling well and went took a nap. She even forgot to feed us until after she woke up!

On Friday, mom stayed home because she was still not feeling very well. So, she slept late, dragged herself out of bed and fed us and then laid on the couch and went back to sleep.

Hope and I chatted for awhile in the living room. Hope thought it might be nice to go and sit on top of mom and purr on her some. I thought we should be quiet so she could rest and get better.

Then we heard a noise outside the bedroom window. It sounded like the ladder that the man who stole our balcony screen had used! Both Hope and I were scared but Tommy said he'd protect us and he wouldn't let any balcony-screen-thief take anything else of ours. Hope and I and Tommy walked toward the bedroom. The window looked strange. It was weird. Some light was coming in but we couldn't see through it.

See! We couldn't see out and there was a strange hissing sound from something outside. We were scared but mom woke up, came in and said not to worry and the reason we couldn't see out was because there was plastic covering up the window to protect it while the painters were painting. Hope and I were still scared but Tommy said he would go and investigate and if it was that balcony-screen-thief he would growl at him and scare him off the ladder.

When Tommy got up to try to look out a very loud and scary hissing sound happened! Tommy turned around, jumped straight up in the air and leaped through the air and half way across the room. I know we shouldn't have laughed but he did look very funny leaping across the bedroom!

The hissing sound was really just the spray paint hose thing the man was using to paint around the windows. It sounded like Hope with a megaphone...pretty scary!

Hope your week is happy and hiss free!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alien Cat from Taos

The Sagebrush Inn in Taos where mom stayed when she was away for her work retreat has always been friendly toward travelers' pets but it turns out they have acquired an Inn cat named "Shadow". Mom confessed to us that she had spent some time petting this little girl.

Turns out, one day about a year ago, this little bitty kitty walked into the Inn came around the check-in counter curled up under the front desk and promptly began purring and snoozing. The owner fell in love with her, took her to the vet for all the necessary shots and fixing and gave her a home at the Inn. According to staff, Shadow pretty much has the run of the place and enjoys being petted by just about every one. Mom said petting this little girl helped her not miss us so much during her absence. As long as she didn't bring the little girl home, petting is fine with me.

This is Shadow looking through the sagebrush at the Prairie Dog village behind the Inn. She does not eat or try to catch the Prairie Dogs but enjoys pouncing at lizards and other little things around the grounds. I think she has a pretty purple flea collar.

I'm a little jealous that I couldn't come and play with her and romp through the Prairie Dog village while mom was there.

May your week be filled with joyful things to do!