Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Wow! Aunt A fixed mom's computer just for me so that I could start blogging again. She's the most wonderful Aunt in the entire world!

There are about a million things that have happened since I last posted but I'll just tell you about a couple of them.
1. It's been very cold and it's snowed and mom is all happy because it means she might get to ski sometime before too long. As for me, I much prefer snuggling up in between the pillows on mom's bed.
2. Two weeks ago Tommy was trying to climb into one of the empty grocery sacks and got the handle caught around his neck and got scared and started running through the house with the grocery sack flying behind him like a parachute and mom "calmly" trying to slow him down so she could extricate him from the sack. I just sat there and laughed he looked so silly.

Tommy and I will try to stop by your blogs as soon as we can and catch up on all the things you folks have been up to lately. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Shilgiah -- it's good to hear from you again. Happy to hear you got some tech support from a family member. Our human dad just had to do some DIY repairs to get Firefox and WordPress to work again.

What is it with humans and cold weather? We cats have the right idea... stay warm and snuggly.

Parker said...

For that very same reason, you can't be in the same room with my sister Powder if you have a plastic sack, she will run under the bed! Poor Tommy!
We have missed you!

Daisy said...

Welcome back, Shilgiah! I missed you.

That bag around the neck thing happened to one of my Mommie's Cats-Who-Came-Before (it was a Christmas gift bag). It scared poor Cricket very, very badly. The faster he ran, the more loudly the monster on his back rattled around.

meemsnyc said...

We're glad your Auntie fixed your computer. Yeah!!