Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All Better

A few days ago when mom got her auntie biotic she stopped and got some flowers too. She said auntie biotic, rest, pretty flowers to look at and us snuggling her would make her well soon. I think mostly it's been Tommy and me who have made her all better.

Pretty flowers to make mom better and we didn't even try to eat them.

Last week Rabbie Burns tagged me to do a fun meme. Here is how it works:
1. Your Rock Star Name (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic)
D.K. Stumpy
2. Gangster Name (favorite toy filler + favorite cookie)
Nip Animal Cracker
3. Detective Name (favorite color + favorite animal species)
Lavender Bird
4. Star Wars Name (Pick 2 letters of first name + 3 letters of last name)
5. Super Hero Name (2nd favorite color + favorite drink)
Periwinkle Tuna Juice
6. Nascar Name (grandfathers names)
Unk Unk

7. Stripper Name (Favorite scent + favorite treat)
Salmon Temptations
8. Witness Protection Name (Mother and Fathers middle names)
Unk Unk
9. Spy Name (favorite season/holiday/flower)
Winter Festivus Daisy
10. Cartoon Name (favorite fruit + article of clothing + "ie" or "y")
11. Hippy Name (favorite breakfast + favorite plant)
Fancy Feast Kitty Grass

12. Your Rock Star Tour Name ("The" + your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + "Tour")
The Pouncing Snow Storm Tour

That was really fun. Since it has been so long since I first received this meme I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged yet...so if you are reading this and want to play and haven't...you are officially tagged.


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Fancy Feast Kitty Grass is owr favrite too. Hope yur mom is feeling better. Owr mom in on Anty-bye-ottics too.

Daisy said...

Pretty flowers and purring kitties can cure anything, I think!

ASTOR CATS said...

Hope mom is feeling better. Your meme was very cute - we especially like your rock star tour name.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hello Shilgiah and Happy Halloween! Fur an purr therapy is the bestest cure. At our howse, the flowers would be ok, but not the vase of water. They seem to just... flop over and spill!

THE ZOO said...

were glad shes better, and whut gud kitties yoo two are not to eet the flowers.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Yep! It's the snuggling that does the trick!