Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All Better

A few days ago when mom got her auntie biotic she stopped and got some flowers too. She said auntie biotic, rest, pretty flowers to look at and us snuggling her would make her well soon. I think mostly it's been Tommy and me who have made her all better.

Pretty flowers to make mom better and we didn't even try to eat them.

Last week Rabbie Burns tagged me to do a fun meme. Here is how it works:
1. Your Rock Star Name (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic)
D.K. Stumpy
2. Gangster Name (favorite toy filler + favorite cookie)
Nip Animal Cracker
3. Detective Name (favorite color + favorite animal species)
Lavender Bird
4. Star Wars Name (Pick 2 letters of first name + 3 letters of last name)
5. Super Hero Name (2nd favorite color + favorite drink)
Periwinkle Tuna Juice
6. Nascar Name (grandfathers names)
Unk Unk

7. Stripper Name (Favorite scent + favorite treat)
Salmon Temptations
8. Witness Protection Name (Mother and Fathers middle names)
Unk Unk
9. Spy Name (favorite season/holiday/flower)
Winter Festivus Daisy
10. Cartoon Name (favorite fruit + article of clothing + "ie" or "y")
11. Hippy Name (favorite breakfast + favorite plant)
Fancy Feast Kitty Grass

12. Your Rock Star Tour Name ("The" + your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + "Tour")
The Pouncing Snow Storm Tour

That was really fun. Since it has been so long since I first received this meme I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged yet...so if you are reading this and want to play and haven't...you are officially tagged.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cherish Meme for Miss Peach

We wish Miss Peach, a very pretty peach colored curly kitty, a speedy recovery and to let her and her human mom and dad that there are lots of kitties and beans in the blogosphere who are sending lots of purrs and love your way.

This meme came to Tommy and me from William. It is a meme to show how much we Cherish our people and they cherish us. Here are the rules depending on who is writing:
1. Tell what is the sweetest thing you do to your mom (what is the sweetest thing your kitty will do to you).
2. Now, hug your mommy tightly (and hug your kitty tightly).
3. Tag your good friend
4. Leave your computer and continue to hug each other.

Here are our responses:
Tommy: The sweetest thing I do is to politely ask if I can curl up next to mom's face during the night. I make sure I wake her first by jumping up on the bed, since I weigh 20 lbs, this usually wakes her. When she opens at least one eye, I tilt my head and gesture toward her head with a nod...then she says "it's alright, you can come snuggle up"...and I do and then I purr really loudly...I think this makes her feel good.
Shilgiah: The sweetest thing I do is to make my mom laugh by doing something called "antics". I'm not entirely sure what that means but I think it means when I do somersaults or pounce on my brother or do acrobatics or sneak into closets or...well, lots of things it makes her laugh and feel good. She always tells me I'm so sweet and cute when I do my "antics".
Mom: I want to add that I believe my two wonderful cats as well as all cats in the world provide humans with a chance to view a pure soul and the love that can exist within us all if we could just manage to see things from this cat-wise perspective.

Miss Peach we all hope you get well soon...and that love and purrs will at least make the healing process speedier.

Now, I want to tag Brandi from Catitude for the Cherish meme. Brandi, I haven't visited enough but I consider you a friend too.

No Work Until Wednesday

Mom went to the people v.e.t. on Friday because she was still sick after a week and a half. During that time she was dragging herself to work every day and then going to bed practically as soon as she got home. Once she even almost forgot our supper but Tommy jumped up on the bed and sat on her till she got up and gave us our Fancy Feast (a.k.a. Stinky Goodness). So when mom went to the people v.e.t. her doctor gave her a note that says she isn't to come back to work until Wednesday.

Mom says I can spend some time on the balcony and some time catching up on visiting blogging friends and doing the two meme's I got and snuggling with mom and making sure she gets well soon.

Thank you Rabbie Burns of the Fluffy Tribe for giving me a meme. I was going to do it this weekend but mom kept going to sleep and coughing and hacking up hairballs.

Also,Thank You William for giving me another meme yesterday. I feel so popular! Mom says she will make sure I do these memes in the next couple of days.

Mom says she wants me to finish now cuz she wants to go back to bed. So I guess I need to finish and take a nap with her. Hope everyone has a happy week.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who is That?

Alright I don't think I like this new intruder in our study. He takes up a lot of space and doesn't leave me any room to nap in my favorite chair in my study and he has a really good view of the balcony too.

Excuse me, but would you mind finding somewhere else to sit? I asked very politely and then he moved away from my chair but I'm not sure where he went. Maybe he'll sit across the room in Tommy's chair.

Hey, Tommy someone is looking at you. Better make sure he isn't about to pounce on you.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing Much Happened

It was a kind of quiet weekend. Mom came home midday Friday and got into bed. She'd been coughing and hacking up hairballs or something for a few days prior to taking off sick time. Mostly we all just slept during the weekend.

Mom finally washed some clothes and let me lay on the warm sheets for a little while.

Tommy likes to curl up when he sleeps. Mom is going back to work today but she still isn't through hacking up hairballs. I wish she'd stay home again so we could just snuggle and sleep with her.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wishing for Winter

Last night I was dreaming about winter which is my favorite season. A year ago during winter it looked like this in Albuquerque.

I love snow. Yes I do. I want snow right here! I want snow right now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dusk on the Balcony

As soon as mom gets home every evening she opens the balcony door and lets us go out and sniff the cool autumn air. Sometimes we get really pretty sunsets but even when it's just dusk with a little color it is so nice.

Aah...crisp evening air.

Monday, October 15, 2007

ManCat Monday

My brother Tommy likes to get inside the laundry basket and take a nap. So Sunday after mom had put a load of clothes in to be washed...guess what I did...I told mom...

Hey Mom! You forgot to wash something in the laundry basket. Hahahahahaha...I make myself laugh.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is my purple tiara that proves I am a princess.

As the princess I am supposed to get all my wishes granted. Right?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Waiting Patiently

Our diet has changed somewhat. We are now getting some of the good Evo crunchy food we love left in our bowls all day long so in case we get hungry during the day we can nibble on something. But now mom says we only will get our soft food (a.k.a. stinky goodness) once a day in the evening when she gets home. I think we will just have to sit here and not let mom in for her breakfast and eventually she will give in and feed us soft food in the morning too.

We want our stinky goodness for breakfast!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Birthday present from Tommy

On Monday, in addition to getting a big bag of organic catnip, Tommy gave me a great big hug. Well, it was more like a hug that turned into a wrestling match...but he let me win. He is such a thoughtful brother.

Thanks Tommy!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Today I am Seven

Seven years ago my v.e.t. Dr. Jeff and my mom decided my birthday was October 1, 2000. So, last night, starting the festivities early, I got to play "dunk the duckies". It's so much fun. Here's how it works. Mom puts the duckies in the big blue lake by the file cabinet and then I push the duckies around with my paw. Then, I shake my paw and pluck the duckies out with my teethies. Then mom arranges them beside the big blue lake by the file cabinet. This is now my favorite game.

I love to dunk the duckies!