Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Kitty in the Blogosphere

Hello. My name is Shilgiah. I am a very beautiful white stumpy manx kitty. If my mom ever figures out how to get pictures on my blog I'll show you my beautiful self. I was left to fend for myself in a park where coyotes roamed early in the mornings and eventually found my Mom and adopted her six years ago. I have been an indoor cat for the past five years but Mom and I went for "walkies" outside as long as I wore my harness. We would even search for the elusive blue tailed lizard and one day someone walking in the park next to my hunting place said "my, she's quite a huntress"! That's me! Shilgiah the Huntress. Only we moved to another apartment in August and I can't go outside anymore cuz there are too many unsupervised woofies and a few spooky humans too. I am not happy.

However, I recently acquired a new brother whose about three years old. His name is Tommy. I feel rather ambivalent about him. That is, some days I kind of like him and others I really really really hate him. Mom says he will be good for me to have a sibling for a playmate. The only good thing he has showed me thus far is how to remove my collar within 2 seconds. We had to do that 20 times every day for about two weeks before Mom gave up and said we didn't have to wear them.

Oh, I also have an Aunt A and cousins named William, Olivia, Caroline and Eddie. I'm in love with Eddie and he used be my upstairs neighbor when I first adopted mom.

Mom says I have to stop now because she keeps losing the dial up connection. I'll try to learn to be more succinct in the future. As soon as mom learns to post pictures.


Wm. said...

Hi Shilgiah!

I'm glad your mom finally got you to blog. And I bet you're really OK with your new bro. I think it's very cool that he taught you how to take your collar off!

brandi said...

Hellow, and welcome to the cat blogosphere! I am going to put up a linkie to you on my blog and tell them to come leave comments on your bloggie.

I got out of wearing collars too. Good going.

Shadow Saluki said...

Welcome, welcome! It's always nice to have a new face (if you get pictures) in the blogosphere. If you have any trouble, you can zip on over to my bloggie and leave me a comment. I've been bloggin' since July and I know the lay of the land pretty good now. I'm also on beta-blogger, so I know what's up.
DaisyMae Maus