Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who's confused?

My mom was really weird this morning. I generally have her well trained. She wakes up every morning just before the alarm goes off at 4:40AM and makes the bed then fixes us our morning soft food (Stinky goodness Cod, Sole and Shrimp feast is my favorite). Then she pours herself a cup of coffee and sort of stares at the TV while they talk about the weather. Well, this morning we were all toasty and curled up in bed with her and she woke up, opened one eye and looked at the clock, got up, made the bed, went out to the kitchen and got our cat food out and said "Oh no the coffee didn't come on yet...oh *&%$ I hope it's not broken!"...then she put our food in our bowls, put her glasses on and said "Oh no, it's only 3:40 not 4:40!" and get this she put our food in the refrigerator and said lets go back to bed for an hour. That was soo not fair! Who could sleep again after that? Mom did apologize once she got up again but I was still miffed. Oh, and Mom promises she'll figure out how to get my pictures on my blog by this weekend. We shall see...We shall see.


Wm. said...

I think she should have left your food out at least, especially after making you get all awake and un-toasty and all.

Patches & Mittens said...

3:40 is a good time to get up. Furless ones take one long nap; I have no idea why. They just don't get the napping concept, I guess.