Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can I blog today?

Mom, can I please blog tonight? I promise I'll wear my collar again...for at least 15 seconds. Last night when I asked my mom, she said it was too late and so I didn't get to post my Toothy Tuesday or Tummy Tuesday pictures. Mom promised next Tuesday she'll remember. I'm holding her to that.
This is me looking out of my new apartment's front window. I think it was September right after we got Tommy and he was still hanging out in the study. I'm actually glad I have someone to play with and besides, mom usually gets more peeved with him than she does with me. Mom really really really doesn't like whining and Tommy is very very very LOUD and he WHINES HORRIBLY when he asks for stuff. When I ask I'm so cute and sweet and use two syllable words and mom just melts and she usually gives me my own way.


Puff said...

Yeah, brothers are pretty cool alright. Even though I always pounce Spot, I still think he loves me!

Feline Oligarchy said...

That's the best part of having siblings who make YOU look better with the Mom! Great balcony.

Lux said...

I'm glad you and Tommy have such a good relationship - it's so much easier that way when you live in the same house!

Buzzerbee & meep said...

Very nice to meet ya, Shilgiah! Thanks for stoppin' by our blog - we like yours lotz.

Funny you said that 'bout your mom gettin' Chapstick on our heads - our mom is ADDICTED to Chapstick, so me n' Meep always have a permanent waxy spot on the top of our heads. Then she has the nerve to complain when she gets fur stuck on her mouth! Hrmf - moms!