Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Supper came late last night. Mom didn't get home until way late and she was cranky. What she calls work has been crazy lately. That was her excuse anyway. The only up side of this was she gave us extra stinky goodness. Such a good idea. Food to compensate for her lack of attention. Before long Tommy, who currently weighs a ton (well 15.8lbs) will be so big he won't be able to fit in the cat carrier.


Lux said...

I think what might make your mom feel better is some exercise after work, like throwing balls for you to catch (this will be good for Tommy, also) and, if you have a cat tree, possibly chasing you up it.

(My mom would never make it to the top, poor thing!)

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Thank you Lux, that's a great idea. I'll tell mom when she gets home.

Wm. said...

You just need to nuzzle her and give her some love nips. That always helps.

And I think someone might be exaggerating just a little bit about her bro!