Sunday, December 17, 2006

Now Where is Tommy's Litter Box?

Mom's been busy all weekend washing and cleaning and scrubbing and
other such nonsense. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, when Tommy
first moved in he had to stay in the study for two weeks. Anyway, he
had his own litter box in the study and it had a cat cabana covering it
and mom had but an old Twister plastic game sheet under the litter box.
So, after Tommy got to be in the whole place Mom still left the litter
box with the cabana cover and the twister game underneath it in the
study. I think she did that so in case we wanted to chase each other
around the cat cabana or play Twister during the day while she was gone
to work we could. But this weekend the cat cabana,the litter box and
the Twister game underneath disappeared!! I still my old litter box in
it's usual place in the says it's easier to move my
little roundbooda dome litter box in and out of the tub every day (so
she can shower) and to keep it clean that to keep Tommy's big one in
the study. Tommy doesn't like the littlebooda litter box much because
he's so big his head sticks out too far. And I liked to play Twister
and chase Tommy around his litter box. I want it back and so does
Tommy! Mom said she'll think about it after the holidays. That doesn't
seem fair.


One of us said...

Merlin is too big to fit in most covered litter boxes so Mom had to stop using them ~Shadow

William said...

Maybe a big covered box you can both use?

Shilgiah the Cat said...

This is Shilgiah's mom. I put Tommy's old litter box in the bathroom last night so he and Shilgiah would feel more at home. I'll look for a big covered box soon.