Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Cat Fix It Place

I was having a wonderful dream that I was outside once again hunting the elusive blue tailed lizard. Then in the middle of the dream, I heard mom pick up Tommy and put him back in the bedroom. Half asleep, I smiled to myself and thought, "That's what he gets for whining so loudly for mom to open the balcony door when it's at least a squillion degrees below zero out there." Then, mom picked me up hugged me and walked toward the study and stuffed me into my cat carrier saying, "I'm sorry sweetie pea, but we have to go see Dr. Jeff about you biting your little tiny tail so much". HOW RUDE! I hadn't even gotten a chance to wake up enough to fight off the indignity of being stuck in the evil cat carrier! When we got to the Cat Fix It Place it was the new place mom had been telling me about. It pretty much smelled the same though. Don't get me wrong I love my Dr. Jeff unless he is poking me with needles. Well, turns out I had plugged up anal glands and I'll tell you having somebody squeeze your tushy is just about as bad as needles getting stuck into your fur. I do feel better now and when I got home Tommy even licked my ears and neck a little.

O.K. so this was the dream I had before I was so rudely stuffed into the cat carrier to go to the cat fix it place. When I was an orphan I used to go out and stalk doves and hunt for the elusive blue tailed lizard. I would try and stalk doves but wasn't very good at catching them. It was fun though to see them fly way up high when I got close. I also wasn't very good at catching blue tailed lizards but they are so fast and fun to run after that I never gave up trying. I had been a orphan for a while and it was starting to get very cold at night and luckily I picked out a really nice person to adopt me. One day I climbed into this lady's back porch and up to the glass doors and brought her a little sparrow. Well, she quickly opened the door, picked me up and yelled at me, "SPIT THAT OUT" so I did and she left me in the house and went to see if the little bird was O.K. Turns out I had carried it very gently and it was just a tad traumatized and rested for a minute and then flew away. The nice lady, who was to become my mom (she just didn't know this yet) came back inside. I was a little scared cuz she had yelled at me but then she smiled and gently said, "I know it's your nature, but we don't eat little birds in this house." So, after she adopted me she took me on lots of walks with my harness. She would even let me stalk the dove and the elusive blue tailed lizard (birds and lizards are friends not food). She said it was O.K. to stalk because this might keep the doves and lizards on their toes so other animals who didn't know that they shouldn't eat them would be less successful at catching them. I miss hunting but it was a nice dream even though I was so rudely interupted.


William said...

Shilgiah, you look so angelic in that photo!

Uh-oh, I think that's my bro rubbing off on me--I know you're his angel!

THE ZOO said...

thats a gud stury shilgiah, you was furry nice to that birdie