Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Morning Excercise

Every morning we hug each other and then excercise by running through the house and hugging each other some more. Mom calls this fighting and tells us to be "nice" to each other. Do any of you have trouble convincing your people that what looks like fighting sometimes is just fun?


William said...

I bet you at least don't bite the fur off your bro when you play, like Caroline does to me.

Lux said...

Ahem ... yes.

I can tell you're hugging, though.

William said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Shigiah and Tommy! Thank you so much for the Valentines and toys! I already bit the feathers off most of them. And guess what? I really liked the Greenies, too!

P.S. My bro sends kissies!

Gattina said...

Yes ! I do ! Because Arthur (my also completely white cat) likes to run behind his sister Pookie and she would turn around and hiss, but then it's her chasing him and he squeaks, etc. etc. but they only play lol !
you can see him on my cat blog ! "My cats and funny stories"

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Just the opposite! They don't believe me that Victor's trying to KILL ME!!! No matter how I hiss, growl, and run away, he chases me. He even POUNCES me! It's just HORRIBLE, and they just LAUGH. They think it's funny when I run down the hall, hissing with each breath over my shoulder. By the way, what's this "drama queen" they keep calling me? Queen, yes, but drama?