Monday, February 12, 2007

When does asking become whining?

Every morning right after breakfast Tommy goes in to the study and over to the balcony doors and does this. He trys to open to door himself but since mom is the only one of us who has thumbs he is never very successful.
Then he stands up very very tall and says "Please, Please, Please, Please, Please let me on the balcony". Mom says "Not until Shilgiah has finished blogging" because mom has to watch him. You see, the balcony has a screen across the top part but it's kind of flimsy and once upon a time Tommy saw a bird fly by real close and he jumped straight up to try to catch the bird and made two big scratchy gashes in the flimsy screen. Mom just doesn't want either of us falling off the third floor balcony so she has to be right there when we sniff the fresh outside air. Tommy shouldn't whine about that because mom is just trying to keep us safe.


Daisy said...

Shilgiah, you pose a very interesting question. When does asking become whining? Sometimes when I ask to go out in my stroller, I think I have crossed the line into whining.

William said...

Cats don't whine. It's just a genetic mutation in humans' ears that makes them erroneously perceive a "whine."